AI: The Somnium Files - Nirvana Initiative confirms date and premieres trailer

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What a desire to see Mizuki again!

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Spike Chunsooft has recently shared a new trailer for AI: The Somnium Files - Nirvana Initiative, the new installment of AI: The Somnium Files, which will be available for the hybrid console.You can see it for yourself below!

New AI: The Somnium Files - Nirvana Initiative trailer

Among other things, it seems that the departure date has been delayed from spring as of June 24, 2022. In addition, fans of the previous title will have noticed that this new installment may not be direct sequel to the original, but that it may take placeDuring another route or whether it is an alternative story.We will have to wait for more details!

AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative confirma fecha y estrena tráiler

We remind you of the premise of the title:

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Its premiere is expected in the Nintendo Switch eshop


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