Calls in Colombia: How to score from cell phone to fixed

This September 1st the dialing in the country changes and there are many doubts surrounding the issue. At Clic Caracol we explain in a simple way how you should dial from now on if you want to communicate with your friends, family, colleagues or companies.

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Initially, you should know that the objective of the change is to unify the digits of calls to 10, this applies to mobiles and landlines. However, the most radical change applies to fixed numbers.

So if you want to communicate with your contacts you just have to:

Calls in Colombia: how to dial a cell phone to landline

A national: 60 + Indicative + usual telephone

From landline to cell phone: Dial the number directly (do not put 60 or 03)

Cell to landline: 60 + Indicative + regular phone

Cell to cell: Dialing remains the same

International to Colombia: International operator + 57 + 60 + City code + usual number.

For more information we invite you to watch this video: