Cases of telephone scams during pandemic increase

Madrid, March 25, 2021

Last year it was very complex and the change in routines and customs has promoted the growth of unwanted calls, very significantly.Spain is the fifth country that most suffers and, globally, this type of calls have grown 18%.

Due to the growing use of technology, scammers try to obtain the personal data of the users, with increasingly advanced methods, to the point of being able to empty the bank account, with a call.Pandemia is an ideal context for these criminals, which are aimed.

However, technology also allows you to avoid those unwanted calls.An example is the application for Android Callapp, a call identifier for unknown and private numbers, which can detect 98% of spam and identify hidden calls.

Callapp is a leading application in Spain and in the world, since it protects from unwanted calls and scams, avoiding telephone spam.It is available on Google Play and is totally free.

The cases of telephone scams grow exponentially

Aumentan los casos de estafas telefónicas durante la pandemia

Various brands have seen how their image was used to deceive users.Microsoft, for example, has enabled a page for victims of a scam in which the user receives a call from a technical assumption, which warns him of an incidence in his computer.

Vulnerable groups, such as people who face eviction, are victims of false NGOs or charity entities and people trying to get financial help, receive offers to get financing, of course, false.

Another habitual case is that of scammers that are passed through representatives of the company of electricity, gas or water, offering reviews, false incidents, etc..and request personal and banking data to solve the alleged problems.

On the other hand, pandemic and health issues related to COVID-19 have become the perfect excuse for criminals.False trackers get in touch with their victims, telling them that they have been in contact with a positive.They recommend a free home test, but request the credit card number to cover shipping costs.Home vaccines for elders are also a recurring bait.

Spain at the head in online fraud

Spain is at the world head in deception, scams and fraud online: the country is the third most attractive objective for cybercriminals, behind the US and Germany, according to a study by the Ironhack Training Center, conducted in more than 30 countries.Online fraud during the decalled was 95% higher than the world average and 45% greater than the European average.

Callapp, call identifier with 98% efficacy

Callapp is an intelligent calling application application, to avoid telephone spam.The application has an extensive database, constantly updated by the users themselves, who can identify certain numbers as toxic or, even, as scams.

In addition to the identification of spam and hidden calls, Callapp has other functions such as the recording of calls received or made, with a recording test that allows you to record conversations safely and with high quality, in addition to advanced functions of contact management.