Show costumes, artificial intelligence and big data, bilingual and more dual classrooms: the news of the FP in Granada next year

The Ministry of Education and Sports offers next 2021/2022 course in Granada a total of 21 new professional training cycles (FP).These are eight new medium -degree cycles, nine of higher degree, a specific FPB program and three specialization courses."This offer responds to an FP strategy that aims to bring these teachings to the needs and demands of the labor market with the purpose of raising the labor insertion rate of students entitled," said the Ministry."In this way, the training cycles have been updated to adapt to the training needs of each productive environment and, in addition, the formative offer has been renewed to be able to replace training cycles with low labor insertion rate with others with greater demand in theLabor market in each zone ".

In this sense, for the next course more than 60% of the offer is associated with professional families linked to emerging employment sectors such as trade and marketing linked to logistics, computer science and telecommunications, agricultural machinery, sanitary linked to biofarmacy and medical productsadvanced, hospitality and tourism, and sociocultural services linked to the attention to people, transport and maintenance of vehicles.

Among the new offers for the next school year, the superior FP grades of Early Childhood Education stand out in the IES Francisco Giner de los Ríos de Motril, the transport and logistics in the IES Ángel Ganivet and the custom costumes and shows in theIES Luis Bueno Crespo de Armilla;The latter is the first to authorize in Andalusia.To this offer is added the average degree of attention to people in a situation of dependency in the IES Alpujarra de Órgiv.

For its part, the title of driving physical-sports activities in the natural environment, regulated in 1995, is updated by the guide in the natural and free time environment.In total, there are six offers in the Granada province that adapt to the general requirements of professional qualification of the productive system for this technician: in the IES José de Mora de Baza, IES Montevives de las Gabias, IES Polytechnic Hermenegildo Lanz de Granada,IES Pedro Antonio de Alarcón de Guadix, IES Trevenque de la Zubia and in the IES Sulayr de Pitres.

Vestuario de espectáculos, inteligencia artificial y Big Data, aulas bilingües y más Dual: Las novedades de la FP en Granada el próximo curso

Regarding the Dual FP, in which learning is done both in the educational centers and in companies whose activity is related to the professional profile, for the 2021/22 course they will be launched in the province of Granada 78 projects, fourteen more fourteenthat in the previous course.This figure could increase since the claims process has not yet ended.For the first time the students of the new training project projects will receive a scholarship from the participating companies, which will be 20% of the places in the case of projects that were already being developed and renewed.

For the next 2021/2022 course, four new cycles are incorporated in Dual in Granada, being 100% dual and with all the Becado students: the average body FP degree in the IES Pedro Jiménez Montoya de Baza and the higher FP degrees of transport andLogistics at the IES Luis Bueno Crespo de Armilla, Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal Energy in the Polytechnic IES Hermenegildo Lanz and multiplatform application development at the IES Padre Suárez, both in Granada.

The Ministry continues with its commitment to improve the level of qualification and employability of young Andalusians.Thus the next course will be taught in public centers of Granada a total of five masters or postgraduate degrees of professional training, three more than last year.These courses will allow to deepen specific areas of knowledge and update to adapt to the needs of the labor market.This is an offer aimed at preparing professionals to assume the challenges of the economic and productive system of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.

As a novelty, the next course will be implemented in Granada three specialization courses related to the technology sector, as is the case of the 5G network implementation course and maintenance and safety in hybrid and electric vehicle systems in the IES Virgen de las Nievesfrom Granada and the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data course at the IES Zaidín Vergeles in Granada.

Andalusia adds to the impulse of linguistic competences, following the strategic line of the European Union that will respond to the demand of the productive sectors of the need for knowledge of languages in the graduates and entitled of FP and that will allow students to carry out stays inabroad and get the B1.

Thus, the next course, Granada will have fifteen bilingual classrooms to improve the level of qualification and employability of young Andalusians.These classrooms are added to the thirteen bilingual cycles that already existed in the province, of nine professional families: textile, clothing and skin, electricity and electronic, administration and management, hospitality and tourism, image and sound, personal image, health, computer, computer science andCommunications, Commerce and Marketing and Physical and Sports Activities.

In addition, the Ministry will support young people with the creation of thirteen new entrepreneursThe latest courses, through an orientation, guidance and protection ideas system that they contribute themselves.These classrooms will be in the Institutes of Secondary Education Virgen de las Nieves, Zaidín Vergeles, Polytechnic Hermenegildo Lanz and Cartuja, all in Granada, Trevenque (La Zubia), Luis Bueno Crespo (Armilla), Cerro de los Infantes (Pinos Puente), to theÁndalus (Almuñécar), Pedro Jiménez de Montoya (Baza), Alpujarra (Órgiva) and in the Integrated Public Centers of Vocational Training (CPIFP) Aynadamar and Hurtado de Mendoza, both in Granada.

This increase in training supply will be reinforced with other lines of action such as teacher training in digitalization of productive sectors or the reinforcement of professional competences and the employability of students that currencies dual professional training projects through the collaboration of SMEs andMicropymes.

The Ministry of Education and Sports will open on June 15 the deadline for access to professional training cycles on full offer, which will remain available until June 30.

The delegate in education and sports, Gustavo Rodríguez, visited the IES Hispanidad de Santa Fe, where he announced the new offer of professional training for the next 2021/2022 course in Granada, accompanied by the director of the center, José Manuel Vilar, andThe Councilor for Education of the Santa Fe City Council, Carlos Marcos.