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The Apocalypse clock, the metaphorical representation of how close the world of annihilation is, has remained at the same point: 100 seconds for midnight.

The announcement was made by the blogger of Hank Green science videos, as well as the DRA.Rachel Bronson, president and executive director of Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists that manages the clock.

Also present were other members of the Board of the Group, on behalf of biodefense, cybersecurity, physics and more, and the announcement was carried out through Zoom.

"That is stable is not good news," says Professor Sharon Squassoni of the Institute of International Policy of Science and."We are trapped at a dangerous moment, one that does not bring stability or security".

Group members said that the US elections of last year "provided the hope that it could stop what seemed like a global career towards the catastrophe", and that a "more moderate and predictable approach to leadership and control of one of theTwo largest nuclear arsenals in the world marked a welcome change with respect to the previous four years ”.


The doctor.Scott d.Sagan pointed out some beneficial statements that world leaders had made to avoid nuclear war, including US president Joe Biden and Russian Vladamir Putin who said that a nuclear war should never be fought.

However, he also pointed out that many countries have continued with the development weapons of war in the Middle East, and the signs of nuclear arms races are clear in China.Both China and Russia also seem to try antisatellite weapons, something that experts have warned that it should never be used.This is due to the threat that a cloud of debris could bring caused by war, and could keep humanity confined to earth forever.

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In a statement, the atomic scientists' bulletin also stressed that the worldwide response to pandemic has been "completely insufficient" which left the poorest countries without vaccinating and saw a collapse of plans for world vaccination.To date, it has been confirmed that five million people have died from Covid-19.

In relation to that issue is the "corruption of the information ecosystem" with erroneous information and misinformation that "infected the United States" during the last year, which, according to experts, is a threat to US democracy.

While the COP26 meeting in Glasgow last year "marked an important mileTreaties to provide financial and technological support.

"In general, the projections and plans of the countries for fossil fuel production are far from being appropriate to achieve the global objectives of Paris," they said.

In practice, experts suggest that Russia and the United States should adhere to the limits of nuclear weapons, accelerate decarbonization together with China, reduce biological risks of all kinds by improving the production of medical supplies and that the richest countries of theworld should help the poorest countries fight climate change.

“When the clock marks the 100 seconds for midnight, we are all under threat.It is a dangerous and unsustainable moment, and the moment of acting is now ”.

The clock was first established in 1947 to symbolize how close we are in the "midnight", that is, a apocalypse that could threaten all life on earth.The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists organization was founded by members of the Manhattan project, who built the world's first atomic bombs and “they could not remain out of the consequences of their work”.

Although it was created in response to the perspective of a nuclear war, it has now realized all the challenges that humanity must face.

Their hands can move forward and backwards depending on human development;In 1991, at the end of the Cold War, he set in 17 minutes, where he remained until 1995.Since 1947, the clock has moved back eight times and forward 16 times.


The last update occurred in early 2021, when scientists left the clock at 100 seconds until midnight that had been established in 2020.

They pointed towards the increase in the threats of a nuclear war, as well as the challenges of COVID-19, climate change, online misinformation and artificial intelligence.