ESPN Tickets with a new system to enter El Tri matches can be transferred between fans Star+ arrives in Latin America!

Jan 19, 2022

Tickets must be registered on a web page, however, the registration can be updated or deleted to replace the data

The new system to enter the Azteca Stadium in the matches of the Mexican National Team will help to identify fans inside the stadium who do not respect the "Code of Behavior", but it does little to inhibit resale, since tickets can be transferred, despite the fact that identification and a registration with a QR code are required to enter the property.

Tickets purchased traditionally must be registered on a page set up by the Mexican National Team, with the information of the fan who is going to use it. The new system, which is in the pilot phase, helps prevent ticket counterfeiting, but it doesn't kill scalping.

According to the instructions of the "ticket registration system for access to matches of the National Team of Mexico", the same ticket can be transferred to another person, either "updating" the data of the fan who will use the pass or eliminating the "registration" to make a new one, with different data.

ESPN Tickets with new system to enter a El Tri matches can be transferred between fans Star+ arrives in Latin America!

Thus, a reseller can make a transaction with a ticket that has already been registered, because the name change can be applied from a cell phone, however, it avoids counterfeiting, since the system does not recognize invalid tickets or those that are already valid. They were discharged on the platform.

Once the data is modified, the fan can enter with the ticket, his identification and QR, regardless of whether he bought it at the box office or at resale.

The new system will be implemented in a test phase during the duels of Mexico against Costa Rica and Panama, and since its announcement it was specified that the objective is to mitigate the violations of the "Code of Behavior", to avoid more sanctions or vetoes by FIFA.

The “Code of Behavior” consists “in that any person who engages in any offensive or discriminatory chant, expression or attitude, may be removed from the Stadium at the moment this occurs and banned from the matches of the Mexican National Team organized by the Mexican Football Federation for the next 5 years”.