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The advancement of technology has made it easier for us to communicate and have a constant presence on social networks; However, the flow of our data and all the information that we associate with our accounts are not always secure and if it has already happened to you that your Facebook account was hacked, we will tell you step by step what to do to try to recover it, as well as all your information, your photos, your memories and your contacts.

71% of information thefts in 2020 were aimed at obtaining money, according to a study by Verizon, a US mobile phone company.

And although we think that there is no reason for us to be hacked, if this happens, information such as bank details, passwords or personal content can be used for various purposes, putting our moral integrity, our bank accounts and even our employment at risk if the theft of confidential information from the company where we work occurs.

Facebook: How to know that your account has been hacked?

Facebook support shows us some indications that we can consider to confirm if our account was hacked:

Facebook: What to do if my account is hacked | El Informador

If you suspect you've been hacked and your profile shows one of these options, it probably has.

Facebook: What to do if I was hacked?

Facebook offers you help in case your account has been hacked, to obtain it you must visit the page: facebook.com/hacked

The site will ask you what is happening and within the options you will be able to choose: "Someone accessed my account without permission", or some other option for which you suspect a hack occurred.

After that, Facebook will guide you through a series of steps to protect your account and verify recent changes, including:

Through this process you will be able to secure your account and delete everything that has been done without your consent.

Tips to protect your Facebook account

The Facebook help portal gives us some tips so that hacking our account is not so easy.

For your account protection you can also set up to receive login alerts:


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