How to choose a support to carry the mobile in the car and approved and recommended models


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Although many vehicles already have their own navigation system, the truth is that using the mobile phone as the main navigator is still quite useful, either using it directly or through applications such as Apple Carplay or Android Car. But the General Directorate of Traffic has become tough in recent months and the use of mobile phones in the car has been greatly restricted.

Having the mobile in an inappropriate position or place in the car carries fines and it is therefore recommended that we go to a support designed for this purpose, but here an extra difficulty is added and it is the need for said support to be approved for its use. We are going to try to recommend some approved models so that you can place the phone on the dashboard. But remember, you can have it there but not manipulate it on the go.

What the DGT says about where to place the approved support

To check what is allowed and what is not while we are driving a vehicle (in relation to the use of mobile phones) it is enough to go to the Article number 18 of the General Traffic Regulations (Royal Decree 1428/2003 of November 21, 2013) in force in Spain, and which is controlled by the General Directorate of Traffic. Said article says the following:

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How to choose a mobile phone holder in the car and approved and recommended models

Thus, the General Traffic Regulations do not specifically specify which places are suitable for carrying the mobile phone holder, beyond the fact that it prohibits those that obstruct the driver's own field of vision. Thus, any place will be suitable as long as it is not located on the windshield of the vehicle in front of the driver, or in a similar area on the dashboard. It will also be advisable, in case we use it as a navigator, to indicate the route before leaving and not during the journey, unless we stop in an area allowed for it.

Regarding the position on the dashboard, for example, the General Director of Traffic, Pere Navarro, spoke in a digital meeting that was reviewed by Europa Press. In said event, he spoke about what would happen if the mobile was carried in a support on the dashboard and said that "it would not be the subject of a complaint, provided that an approved support is used for it and it is not manipulated while driving." So, we already know, approved supports and nothing to touch the mobile while the car is driving.

Some recommended mobile phone holders

When choosing the best mobile phone holder to take in the car, an important decision must be made first. We must know where we want to take the fixed mobile because there are several positions with their corresponding approved supports, and that can pose the first big question when it comes to getting the most appropriate option.

Among the supports that we will recommend, we find models that fix the mobile phone to the steering wheel, so that it can be seen as we do with the front panel of the vehicle, others are hung from the rear-view mirror, there are options for the air conditioning vent , for the dashboard of the vehicle or even for the windshield itself (remember not to obstruct the driver's vision). We are going to offer you at least a couple of approved options for each type of mobile phone holder in the car.

Steering wheel mounts

Mirror mirror mounts

Air vent mounts

Dashboard mounts

Mounts for the windshield

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