How to share your WhatsApp contact by QR code

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Yúbal Fernández@Yubal_FM

We are going to explain how to add contacts by QR code in WhatsApp, a new function that you can try in the Beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS, and that will gradually reach the final versions in the coming weeks.This is an option that will facilitate being able to add a friend more easily without having to give your phone number.

With this, the discomfort of having to do number to number repeating.In addition, you also have an option to share which your phone number is not shown next to the code to be able to send it by messaging apps, and another to restore the code causing the previous one to stop.

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How to use the WhatsApp QR code

The first thing you have to do is open WhatsApp, and enter the application settings.To do this, press the three -point button up to the right and give the settings option.Remember that at the moment this option is only available in the beta version, that is, you will have to have pointed and updated the app.

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Cómo compartir tu contacto de WhatsApp por código QR

Once you are inside the settings menu, click on the QR code button that will appear to the right of your name, at the top of the screen.

A screen will be automatically show.This file has the QR code that you have to show who you want to add you.

Now, the other person also has to go to the QR code section of your whatsapp.Once inside, you have to click on the code scan section, and point towards your QR code with its camera so that it is in the center of the square.

And when you escape the code of another person, at the bottom of the screen you will see the option to add this person's phone to your contacts.That will take you to the contact card, where you already have written the phone number so you do not have to ask for it.

Restore your code or share it without number

There are two functions that you should also know about the QR code function.The first is to press the Share the Code button on the top of the screen.This will open your mobile sharing dialogue, where you can choose an application and contact.The difference in doing so with this method is that you will share the QR without adding the phone number.

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And what is the use of sharing the QR without the number?Well, so that when you want you can disable the previous QR code generating a new one, and that you could not point your phone.For this, click on the three -point button up to the right on the screen of your code, and click on the option Restore QR code.Your code will be changed to a new one, so although the image of the previous one is shared by the network, your number will be safe.

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