If you are learning to program with Python, these 5 jobs can be for you


Programming with the Python language can expand the possibility of working in different technological sectors, each of them focused on different tasks in which you specialize more and more.

While it is known that Python is used to, among other things, create web applications, analyze data, automate operations, create business apps with great security and large -scale, then we will show you 5 of those most requested jobs for those who areLearning or already know how to encode through Python.

Automatic Learning Engineer

Artificial intelligence continues to progress by leaps and bounds, and that is, very much, engineers behind automatic learning.A specialist in this task aims to create the AI algorithms that are able to learn to make predictions in automatic learning.If you are already an engineer in this area, you can learn deep learning skills to increase the level of work experience.

GIS analyst

Undoubted.The SIG analyst (geographic information systems), must be prepared to conduct research in order to obtain and expand the existing data sets.Cartography and programming go hand in hand in this specialty, one to create digital maps with geographical data, and the second to optimize data analysis and management thanks to Python scripts.

Software developer

Si estás aprendiendo a programar con Python, estos 5 puestos de trabajo pueden ser para ti

If you want a job dedicated to the area of software development, then thanks to learning Python you will be closer to getting it.This programming language is used in much of the process, and the developer's mission is to design, install, test and update the system or software systems that have been built from scratch, either for the efficiency of the same company, orFor a project with external sale.This professional must also guarantee the proper functioning of the system in case of updates with new databases, so their work is one of the most important for the correct operation of the service.

Quality Control Engineer

To get to this point, companies or projects usually request a high level of understanding with Python, as it is the person responsible for verifying the problems at the software level and solving them before the launch of the product or service.An engineer specialized in quality control must find and analyze the errors of the test phase, as well as create the database of these problems for their review.Then, you must help development for the execution of the new tests and verify that the results are optimal.

Full Stack developer

Being able to lend a hand both on the subject of the user experience and in functionality is part of what a Full Stack developer does.In other words, it is that SUV with the necessary knowledge to provide a grain of sand in the back-end and in the front of an app.Among the areas that must be dominated are UX administration, graphic design and database.If the Full Stack developer knows more than a programming language, better than better, it will always be necessary to have necessary information about several software.

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