Marvel’s Avengers impressions: We have already played with the five Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers is one of the games that is more luminous posters in Gamescom 2019.The event held in CologneMoment of glory.We have doubts, but we have many less than after the last e3.

This is a good example that it has nothing to do to witness a demo to play it.Feel control in your hands, choose what and how.It would be precipitated to draw conclusions at this point;It has only been half an hour, but it is enough time to understand what Marvel’s Avengers is, what this title will not be and, above all, the place that it intends to occupy in the market next May.

The feeling we have is that Marvel’s Avengers wants to be many things, which takes multitude elements, as we will detail below.This is neither good nor bad, it can be a virtue if Crystal Dynamics synthesizes their ideas so that they emerge in a solid product.But we need something to feel that this project has something unique that we will only find here.

Make place to Thor's hammer

Thor is the first superhero of the Avengers we have been able to prove.After a very movie presentation that demonstrates the credentials of the game at the level of production values, a small quick time event serves as an exit gun to an action frenzy that, why not say it, it was quite satisfactory.Third -person camera by giving the character an almost central position on the screen, very similar to the recent God of War (2019, Sony Santa Monica) for the use of the hammer and the physical behavior of the god of thunder with respect to the character of Sony, saving the distances.It was a mere reminiscence, but it works.

It works because, although the five characters are handled very similarly, practically identical, the truth is that they feel very different.Controlling Thor has playable aspects that only he can do;either in special attacks or in skills, in that sense the effort made by comics for decades for giving a unique value to each hero is well embodied here.Iron Man flies, converts the level into a kind of shooter over rails, and then taking the witness and saving the day in one of the parts of the bridge where, chance or not, enemies appear with a Jet Paq to which we must defeat halfwaydistance.

Interruptions with small scripts and scenes reminiscent of Marvel's film universe were a constant.The immersion, we insist, is achieved on a way if we play with headphones: dubbing, sound effects, explosions ... you believe it.What you don't finish believing so much is the facial design of the characters.We explain ourselves.We do not comment as an aspect that responds to subjective issues (or not that the design is based on the UCM) but what those faces tell us, not very expressive.They are faces on artificial occasions, which do not marry the great motor recreation and animations in the bodies.Hulk is a comic in motion, a character that transmits what it is: rage, power, claw, aggressiveness.He moves from scandal, has clicks that fit with his personality;And he states that Square Enix is putting more than you want in this project.I don't spare at all anything.

Impresiones Marvel’s Avengers: ya hemos jugado con los cinco Vengadores

Needless to say the lighting game, which invites you to think about what the PC version can be if we have a last range hardware.

Let's forget about the bridge: Capi arrives.

Music gets serious and it is time to control Captain America, with its shield, which is possibly the character that we liked to control.It is agile, defends itself in the melee and has a shield that serves to defend itself, to attack and for whatever he wants.It is the cap.Once again, reminiscences with other series of video games in the third person and a new sensation, that the scenarios do not have much complexity in design, although many visual ornaments do.We want more risk, more verticality and, especially, an artificial intelligence that can put us in a squeeze.Not so much because it is a challenge, but not to become a machacabotones.We barely had problems cleaning the areas, their behaviors were sometimes even erratic.

We arrive at the end with Natasha.The black widow has more prominence here than in almost all films of cinematographic productions.A wink to the most mature Lara Croft of Crystal Dynamics when armed, be agile in the melee and, as bonus, have skills such as the possibility of becoming transparent.We cannot deny that we enjoy leaving Taskmaster completely stunned.The Quick Time Events measured with a head, always with meaning and without interrupting the rhythm of the adventure.In addition, the combat took the license to make small pauses to tell what was happening.

Beyond Gameplay: Crystal Dynamics tells us about its goals

After playing heard listening.Crystal Dynamics, in the voice of Scot Amos, leader of the study, explained from the base what Marvel’s Avengers is and the project scale, a triple A from top to bottom.If it goes well or does not go well we will have to wait a few months.For now we know that the team is having the support of Eidos-Montèal, Nixxes Software and Crystal Northwest.Hundreds of people in charge of doing what a dream is for many.

The clear plan: an adventure where all the heroes feel different, where there are stories that excited comic readers, but also a video game as a service.A commitment, yes: all DLC, additional events and extras will be free.Aesthetics if they can pay microtransactions.

The destiny flavor is there, as is Marvel’s Spider-Man.Insomniac Games - also acquired by Sony - had to worry more than a single character.It was not an easy task, so giving in the nail with five characters can be even more complex task.The option and customization menu of each of them is almost identical to the Trepamuro title: a skill tree where new skills and techniques are unlocked based on the points we have.

Also aesthetic personalization, where there will be dozens of aspects that will not directly affect the gameplay.To that we must add the equipment and the objective of increasing the number of heroes (playable) and enemies (not controllable) over time.We were insistent in whether it was possible to know a temporary approach of these updates, but they promised us that the periodicity will be detailed soon.There will be loot boxes with different oddities.

In the short, medium and long term: ambition in your proposal

In case it had not been clear, Amos insisted on the differences between the five characters with the mind put in multiplayer mode, with the idea of strategic thinking.One will be more melee, another melee combat, another aerial, the support ... Complete missions with friends, in cooperative, will be one of the identity of Marvel’s Avengers once the game arrives at the stores.Therefore, two separate goals but with bifurcations: a single player story (with cooperative options) and an online multiplayer mode that will drink without hiding it from the current referents of the genre.

We ask them, before finishing, if they were fans of the comic, of the canonical universe.His answer was a resounding yes.This does not have to mean anything for the video game, but like Insomable Games, he knew how to rescue the best of the Amazing and Ultimate Universe for the Peter Parker of his work, it is perhaps positive to know that the legacy of eachOne of the characters with the goal of content to everyone.

Because we cannot forget one thing: Marvel’s Avengers is a product that intends to sell millions of copies, which is not niche or a particular audience;Square Enix wants to have the name chosen as a gift by any video game fan on her birthday.

It is soon to know if we are in luck, it is time to wait for May 15, 2020 in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.