International Day for the Protection of Personal Data

This Friday, the International Day for the Protection of Personal Data is commemorated, a topic of utmost importance for both companies and users.

Data protection is a right that all people have, therefore, also a responsibility.

It is important to note that people not only enjoy protection, they can also request that their data cease to be used through the rights they have as information holders.

In the case of Mexico, since 2010 there is a regulation on data protection and, in case of breaching it, sanctions are expected that include assets of assets.

Día Internacional de la Protección de Datos Personales

Companies have the responsibility of providing consumers with the security tools necessary to generate confidence and certainty.

Incidents in cybersecurity have diminished users' confidence.A survey by EY reveals that consumers are more aware of the information they share at the time of making an online purchase.

Pandemia forced organizations to transform at an accelerated pace, so in many cases they left cybersecurity next.This is an issue that must be addressed shortly and guarantee the security of your information.