One of the most downloaded apps on Google Play to edit PDFS wanted to steal your bank data

Banking Trojan

The company has retired the app but was one of the most popular in the entire catalog



Google Play has had a malicious application in its catalog.And what is more worrying: it was very easy to run into it because it was in the upper part of the most downloaded productivity apps.It was an apparent editor of PDF, a facade that had placed it as one of the most popular.

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Albert Molins

The user, apparently, was nothing strange in this app at first glance.Nothing to distrust.The score was the highest with only 38 reviews, it was plausible.The description was also quite credible - copied from PDF Expert from the App Store -.

Una de las apps más descargadas en Google Play para editar PDFs quería robar tus datos bancarios

However, when I downloaded it, nothing was looked like to what it promised.At the outset, I asked the user to give permission to install an update and an APK file of Flash Player, which stopped having official Android support in 2012.

At this point where everything gets cloudy it is best to uninstall it.However, some little familiar user will have continued, so he surely has given permission to install a bank trly, a virus that will try to steal all bank data.

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For this to happen, the malware needs the user to give permission to have total accessibility to the screen control or perform other actions autonomously.For example, you could have access to contacts, SMSO all types of data that are stored on the phone.That the Trojan takes control of the mobile difficult to uninstall this malicious application.

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