PowerPoint will have a new function based on artificial intelligence that will advise the user on their presentations

PowerPoint will have a new function based on artificial intelligence that will advise the user on their presentations

Madrid, Jun 21.(Portaltic/EP) -

Microsoft has announced a new PowerPoint tool that will use artificial intelligence to make user suggestions during the exposure of their presentations, indicating if you are using phrases that can hurt sensitivity in certain cultures or if you are reading the slide too much, among other aspects.

As announced by Microsoft in a statement, this new PowerPoint function, called 'Present Coach', will guide the user in the practice of exposing their presentations, with real -time comments of the content of his speech, of the speed at whichbeing doing it and how you are doing it.

In this way, this new tool based on artificial intelligence will indicate the user if he is using inclusive language or not, if he is using filling words such as 'EH', 'UM', or similar, and even, he will realizeIf you are reading the slides and notify you to stop doing so and focus on the fundamental aspects.

At the end of the practice, a report will appear with a summary of how the user has gone in each aspect, including the time it has taken to make the presentation and the number of slides that he has rehearsed.

PowerPoint tendrá una nueva función basada en inteligencia artificial que asesorará al usuario en sus presentaciones

To access this presentation mode of the presentation, the user will have to click on the 'Let's start' button, which will appear at the beginning of the 'PPT' next to the message of "The practice helps you better understand your content".The suggestions will then begin to appear on screen automatically.This new tool will be released this summer.

New AI -based design tools

Microsoft has also presented the introduction of several design tools for PowerPoint that use artificial intelligence to make user design recommendations in the creation of their presentations.

The first of them consists in the elaboration of suggestions for the users on the subject of their presentation, the complementary colors that you can use and the photographs that best fit the text that you have written.To do this, you will have to create a new blank slide and start writing;The recommendations will appear on the right side of the screen automatically.It is now available for Windows, Mac and on the web for those subscribed to Office 365.

The second focuses more on the use of PowerPoint at the business level, since it is responsible for recommending to the user what are the templates, images and icons that best fit the corporate image of your company, based on the design you use in theFirst slide.This function is now available for those signed at Office 365 Insiders in Windows 10 and Mac.

Finally, a new tool has been incorporated into PowerPoint that, together with Microsoft Research and its Perspective Engine tool, facilitates the understanding of the difficult figures to understand that they are put on the slides, comparing it with something.For example, if it is written that Afghanistan has a size of 652.232 km2, the system adds that "this is equivalent to the size of Texas".It is already available for the signed to Office 365, although only in English.