Inverse load: How to share your phone's battery with another?

Depending on the time of use, the applications that are open and even the phone model, the battery life between smartphones varies greatly.In general, to make last more recommended not to allow the battery to run completely and not use the phone while loading, among other tips more.But, if your battery still does not last enough, here we share a secret trick to share energy from another phone.

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This tool is called ‘reverse load’ and is available on Android smartphones.Best of all, this trick can save you from many troubles if your phone no longer has a battery, you forgot the charger or you do not find an electric current source to connect it.

All you need is some other phone with enough battery to share, it can be a friend or co -worker, and pay close attention to the next step by step.

How to activate the reverse load on your phone to share battery?

Carga inversa: ¿Cómo compartir la batería de tu teléfono con otro?

1.Enter the ‘Settings’ menu of your phone.two.Select the option that says ‘drums’.3.Activate the function that says ‘reverse load’.4.Now, there are two ways to share battery between phones: with cable or wireless:

a) Share battery with USB cable

1.Connect the phone that will share battery to a cable with USB output or otg converter.

two.Connect the phone downloaded to your normal and disconnect it from the PowerBe (the square plug that serves to connect it to the light current).3.The USB cable output will fit perfectly with the USB entrance of the phone without battery.4.Connect them and automatically start sharing energy.

b) Inverse wireless load

1.Activate in both phones the reverse load (the two need to be compatible with this type of load).two.Approximate one with the other on the back (where the drums are located) and automatic one will perform as a cargo station.

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Did you know the reverse load of your phone?Do not hesitate to use it when it is an emergency case, to always keep you communicated.😊

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