28.01.2 Atenographic version of the morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador

2022: Year of Ricardo Flores Magón, precursor of the Mexican Revolution

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: Good morning.

Well, today we are going to inform about two issues that are being discussed in the media and that it is important that our position as a government is known:

One is the one that has to do with vaccination for children, that this has generated controversy and our adversaries, conservatives, take advantage of this situation, like others, to say that we do not care about children and that we are wicked;that, in addition, we ignore what the World Health Organization recommends.

So, we are going to inform about that, especially our vaccination plan in general, which is already known, but we have to be remembering what is the strategy we have followed, which has given us, by the way, very good results, so that theserumors, this tendentious campaign, in bad faith, does not prosper and that people have enough information.

And the second is that yesterday the Oxxo responded, the owners of Oxxo, on the electric rates.So, we will also give an answer about this case.

They are the two themes.Ending, we open for questions, answers.

And at half past eight the exhibitions of the candidates begin to direct the oil union, as we have done in the week.Today they conclude and the oil workers, women, men, will vote on Monday with the recommendation that they do not let themselves be manipulated, that they vote freely and in secret.

And we are also going to rely on the best technicians from today so that the telephone vote system works very well and will not use that the adversaries, or there will be even blockages, because they are capable, they are unscrupulous people moralAnd we have now to shield the system, not of the oil workers, I would say that neither of the leaders, but of the mafia of power, who would like us to fail in everything, and as do not find things more and more angry, obnubilated.

And we have to be taking care, protected, because they are looking for rotten, in that they walk, there are very few journalists, women and men, who are fulfilling the noble trade of informing;Most are looking for how we fall under the maximum that, if you skewer, lose and, if you do not skewer it, you lost.So, we have to be aware of the reform and the universal and so on, etc..

Fine.In addition to that, respect the freedom of manifestation, of expression, the right to disagree, but win them in the debate and, if you can, exhibit them more and more as tendentious, as a press sold, rented, to the service of minorities rapties.But that is a good lid debate that we accept because it helps a lot to enrich the public life of Mexico.

The best thing that has been in these times, well, the best thing is the best change of mentality in the town, the awareness of our people, which is one of the most conscious, most politicized peoples in the world, there are practically nopolitical illiteracy, some sectors that still suffer from that.But that's the best, an awake, conscious, politicized, not susceptible manipulation.And as part of that we are living a time when everyone is being defined and are being naked, it is like the fable of El Rey is naked.Maybe they don't realize.

Yesterday, for example, I was seeing how Mr. Lorenzo Córdova goes to the PAN Convention.Imagine, the director, coordinator, president of the INE, heading the Congress, the Convention of the PAN, of a party, when it should be an impartial authority and take care of the forms because the form is background;But no, they don't realize or don't care.

There is a message from Pedro Miguel - seeing if they are looking for it - that I share, because even when we can not agree with that, we must also see the positive part, and what I see as positive is that it is finishing with theSimulation, which was a central element of anti -democratic policy from the Porfiriato, the simulation, which the laws were respected in the background to ... were respected in the way to violate in the background, and there were always elections even if everything was a simulation,Already in advance it knew who was going to win.

Then, in the same media, independent press, there were even independent candidates;Independent of the people, not of power.But he fooled a lot with that, now not, and how good, there is no longer that hypocrisy, that double speech, or no longer works.Let's see, if they have it.

Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, General Coordinator of Social Communication and Spokesman for Presidency: The one in the photo?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: Yes, the one in the photo, yes.

This is the president of the INE in a PAN congress and says Pedro Miguel: ‘I love this photo - I also share it, I agree - it will be because I do not like simulations’.

This was talking about this, what is the difference between one party and another.For example, Don Fidel Velázquez, who rests in peace, said: ‘I am a charro, and what’;He didn't go through the branches.Instead, there are leaders from other parties who, as Monsiváis said, his true doctrine is hypocrisy.That is, cynical corrupt and other hypocritical corrupt, there is no one to stay with, but everyone who reflects, because the worst is to give purity baths, believe people of good, feel superior;They are usually racist, classists.

So, we are living all that, they are star moments in the history of our country, we had to live interesting times.So, it is important that we can inform, clarify and respect the right to disagree and position us, and that it does not give us sorrow, that we are not shame, so we think and defend what we think, we are free.

That is a good debate.I insist, what was very bad was simulation, appearing, ‘I am liberal, I am independent, I am from civil society, I have no party, I am objective, I am professional’.Pure choro dizzy.

Fine.Let's see, come on, doctor.

Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion: with pleasure, president.Hello.Companions, good morning;very good morning have all you.

Well, as the president indicates, there is an issue that we think is very important that we take care of infodemia, of these deliberate acts of information distortion, not only for interest in Mexico, but the interest in the world, ofClearly identify what the criteria of public vaccination policies are, and it is the issue of why, when, how each of the subpopulations are prioritized to achieve the maximum use of vaccines and the greatest equity, the greatestdistribution justice in the use of vaccines.

This the World Health Organization analyzes it periodically and, as I will comment in a few minutes, produces a document that guides countries, the member states of the World Health Organization, of course included Mexico, on what is the waymore appropriate to organize vaccination programs.

Let's see first as a history how we are with the epidemic.We can in our epidemic curve of weekly aggregation of the estimated cases that, as we indicated on Tuesday, we open with an increase of 12 percent last Sunday;During this week, which is the fourth week of the year, we are having, as always, that increase is added the cases of the week and we will possibly close the week with about 23 or 24 percentage points of increase.

Of course, it is still an increase, but contrasts with the increase of more than 100 percentage points that we had in the first three weeks of the year and that is why we said that the epidemic slowdowns, it is not yet in reduction, but it is in deceleration.

The same goes for hospitalization, we have had an increase throughout these weeks, at the expense mainly of unaccoured people and that is why we have made the call to be vaccinated again and again, 78 percent of the people who areHospitalized by Covid have not been vaccinated, they were not vaccinated for diverse reasons;In no case, due to lack of access, that is the most impressive, most is because they did not want to get vaccinated, they told them that the vaccine could harm them.

That is why infodemia is as dangerous, because it causes damage to people, it confuses them, it makes them avoid a preventive measure as important as the vaccine and then the consequences are seen, and in some cases unfortunately they lose their lives since they are people who are alsoThey have comorbidities, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc..

In the most recent cut we had very good application of vaccines, above one million, one million 36 thousand vaccines that were administered.

And in the next we see that we have already been 164.8 million doses used, which correspond to 83 million and a half people, and only seven percent are about to complete their scheme according to the calendar of what they have;Mostly, the youngest people, from 18 to 29 years old, but the rest have already completed the scheme.

This leads us to coverage, as we have said, of 89 percent, well above what at the time, with the health and nutrition survey, we estimate that it was going to be accepted by the population, which indicated that only75 percent would accept it.We have been insisting that they are vaccinated and 89 percent have been vaccinated.

We will specifically comment on this vaccination in minors.This document shown on the screen is called map to prioritize the use of COVID-19 vaccines, the World Health Organization is produced, and an important element of visualizing is: The World Health Organization is a technical organismSpecialized in Health that belongs to the United Nations System.

The World Health Organization does not issue legally mandatory legal mandates for Member States, what it does is provide technical advice.In the case of vaccination, it has a strategic advisory group, this is called Strategic Advice Group in Immunizations, and it is a group of very high level scientists and scientists.Very proudly we can recognize Dr. Alejandro Cravioto Quintana, a very prominent Mexican in the issue of vaccines, who is the president of this agency, the president of this strategic advice group, but Dr. Cravioto, in addition, is a member of the group ofMEXICO VACCINES ADVICE FROM BEFORE COVID and now during Covid.So, we obviously know perfectly what are the reflections that are being made in WHO because they are the same that are made in the advice group in Mexico.

There were also some comments of misinformation that suggested that the president misinform or not inform him and that we do not know about these realities.Well, circumstantially, Dr. Cravioto is another of my teachers, with him I trained in the Social Service in Research in 1994.Yesterday night I talked to him to verify if our interpretation of the documents are the corresponding ones, and I was confirmed that we are actually interpreting it well.

Well, this document was first published on October 20, 2020 when vaccines began to be accessible;He had some reviews and the most recent review is that of January 21.

What does this document say?

The document basically identifies that the use of vaccines has to adapt to the epidemiological conditions that are lived in the world in general and in particular each country adapts them to their epidemiological reality, and must consider social inequality, both national and regional and of the world.

For what reason?

Because the inadequate distribution of wealth obviously leads to a distribution - also inadequate - of health resources, including vaccines, unless governments make a conscious decision to protect the most socially vulnerable people, which are of course alsoPeople who may be at a greater risk of having adverse consequences of Covid disease because they have less resources to solve it.

This element, the WHO recommendation, we like in particular because, as we have mentioned, the general policy of this government seeks to remove inequality, seeks to compensate for any element of lack with social policies to ensure that everyone has access and fromThe beginning, emphatically the president himself has said it every week when we have work meetings about Covid, we are looking for anyone to stay behind, and although the vaccine can be very difficult to take to remote communities, we are making a very big effort.By the way, thanks to the Navy and the Secretariat of Defense, the National Guard, to the IMSS, to all the institutions that help to happen.

The other element.They will remember, since we present the vaccination plan of Mexico on December 8, 2020 and we began to vaccinate on December 23, 2020 we make it clear that we had three prioritization axes that are preserved so far:

The first is age, why age? Because older adults, particularly over 65 years of age, are, for different reasons, especially biological, but also social, greater risk of complicating, having serious covid, to finishhospitalized and dying.

To give an idea, in 2020 there were about 200,000 deaths per covid.Half of them, almost half of them, occurred in people who were 65 years old and more at the time of getting sick.So, there is no doubt that age is the fundamental element.

As the person is descended in years of age, the youngest person is reduced, this risk is reduced and then the opportunity to vaccinate must be first to the useful people.

The second very important element that we also give great importance are chronic diseases, because chronic diseases, such as those I mentioned, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc., are also determining the risk of complications and deaths, and in Mexico sadlyWe have one of the highest prevalence of obesity, overweight, diabetes, hypertension, all these evils associated with lifestyles, particularly an unhealthy diet, junk food, junk drinks, which have been the preponderant element of people's consumptionMexican in the last 30 or 40 years;That is the consequence today, the highest prevalence of chronic disease and, when an infectious disease such as COVID, the highest complications and mortality associated with this phenomenon arrives.

And the third element that we also identify from the beginning is the use of the vaccine as a mechanism to normalize social activities, protecting socially more vulnerable people, but also taking care of certain specific communities, such as the educational system, and that is whyWe incorporate teachers, teachers, educational staff as part of the prioritized vaccination plan, equal to health personnel to protect not only the members of the health community, but the health care system during the epidemic.

Anyone can review that this is what we have been saying since December 8, 2020.

Let's see in this next graph the summary in this route map document on January 21, it is the summary of the recommendations of the World Health Organization.I briefly explain the graph or the table, it consists of the following:

Can I go here to comment more easily?With his permission, President.Here the priority groups are identified.Priority groups are part of the same population, but they can be identified by certain characteristics, and there are four prioritization groups of the highest, maximum, at the lowest here, attending to the criteria that I am commenting on, also the WHO like thisHe has pointed out for all other countries in the world: older adults, health personnel, and people with immunosuppression for different causes.Also from the beginning in the early stages of the plan we incorporate them.

Then there are people of high priority.All are important, that must be very clear, all people are important, but in terms of the risk of having severe covid and dying by Covid, which is the main element of protection of COVID vaccines, these priorities can be recognized.That does not mean that those who are below, what it means is that to optimally use the vaccine you have to start protecting those who have the greatest danger.

In the high priority are the rest of the adults with comorbidities;The pregnant women, which since May 10 we incorporated them;Educational staff, as you can see, we incorporate educational personnel, in other countries have incorporated other essential personnel, such as public security forces, we incorporate the educational personnel;and people at social, economic and demographic disadvantage, two initial blocks.

Then we have the rest of the adults, people of 30, 40, 50 years who are healthy, who do not have these comorbidities, and girls, boys and adolescents who do have comorbidities.

In girls, boys and adolescents the diseases that can suffer are somewhat different from those of adults, but there are several that can be recognized: type one diabetes, primary immunosuppressions, cancer, Down syndrome, etc., and we have already incorporated them for a long time.

And finally, the low priority, girls, boys, healthy adolescents.

Next Please.This is a phrase from the document that summarizes the recommendation and, as you can see, it says that 'before implementing a strategy to vaccinate girls, boys and adolescents, we must consider a high coverage of primary schemes and reinforcements as required to optimize the impactof vaccines in higher priority groups, such as older adults'.The WHO recommendation in this regard is unmistakable.

Let's see how we have done it in Mexico.It is the same table with Mexican data.

Older adults, health personnel, who have 87 percent coverage in the primary scheme, 53 and 84 percent in reinforcements, we have advanced very well in this segment.

High priority, primary scheme 98 percent, people from 50 to 59, we have been reinforcing less time, but there we are moving forward, we have already been 11 percent.

Educational staff, 87 percent, the primary scheme, and we already have 75 percent, three quarters of the covered educational personnel.

In medium priority, the primary scheme 74 percent, and we are, are people under 50, we are barely starting reinforcements in those people.

And low priority, and even if it is a low priority, we have already incorporated girls, boys, low -risk adolescents, healthy people, we carry half, 48 percent, but for this group we set 15 years onwards,Subsequently we incorporate those of 14 that turn 15 for 2022.

Why did we put that cutting point and did not include 13, 12, 11, 10, etc.?Let's see it.

This graph, which had already presented it for a long time, shows us the evidence.This is mortality per 100,000 inhabitants.In people, girls, boys, adolescents of 12, 13 and 14 years mortality is 0.5 for every 100,000 people, and is considerably homogeneous in this subgroup, but from 15 years of age it begins to increase some more, it becomes 2.3, approximately 2.3 per 100 thousand girls and boys of those ages.

We highlight, and this is the last thing I am going to show that each boy, each girl is very important, there is no doubt, and childhood is the stage of life that deserves one of the greatest protections;However, the probability that a minor has a complication for COVID and disagreed with Covid, except that it is people with comorbidities, if they are not, if they are healthy, the probability is very, very low, approximately approximately274 times less than what can be the complication in adults.

Our perception of risk, of Covid danger, which is completely legitimate because it is based on an epidemic that has caused great ravages, but that has mostly been in adults and older people, in girls, boys, adolescents the risk is very low.

We are going to see it with these last three graphics, which we also present before, but we will glad.And what is seen is the people under one yearDeaths for this group between one and four years, there is in the ninth position, 110;between five and nine years, 61;between 10 and 14 years, 92;Between 15 and 19 years, 258.

Each of them very important, there should be no doubt, that should be removed from the debate, each of them is very important and is a tragedy that each of them has lost life.However, in terms of optimizing the use of the vaccine, we first recognize that these people had comorbidities and that is why they were prioritized starting, but the healthy people of these ages have an extremely low probability, we have already said the data, 0.0036 percent of having a complication and death by COVID-19, this is the reason.

President, thank you very much.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: forward.

Miguel Santiago Reyes Hernández, General Director of Cfenergy and International CFE.Federal Electricity Commission (CFE): Very good morning, president.Very good days.

We are here as part of the Federal Electricity Commission.I present myself, my name is Miguel Reyes, general director of CFE Energy.

Mario Morales Vielmas, General Director of Intermediation of Legado Contracts of the CFE: Mario Morales Vielmas, Federal Electricity Commission, in the same way, Director of CFE ICL, Intermediation of Legado Contracts.

Miguel Santiago Reyes Hernández: Thank you very much, Mr. President, for allowing us to respond to what Oxxo raised yesterday in relation to its rates.

On March 26 of last year we presented in this same forum what we analyze in relation to the rates of several consortia that paid less than the average of Mexican households or even a grocery store, in the case of Oxxo.

The Oxxo responds almost a year later, it is better late than ever, but we replied and we want to ask for, Mr. President, some of us, Federal Electricity Commission.

We think that it is unnecessary that the OXXO pays so much money in the propaganda that made yesterday by various media and that it may be better than in the face of the nation, in a debate, in a technical confrontation of data between us and the Oxxo equipment can bepresent Mr. José Antonio Fernández Carbajal in this space or who designates the FEMSA company in order to analyze the data they have and the data we have.

We think that it is completely unnecessary to be done through the media that was done yesterday, but we are open to the debate and in the first instance we will respond.If we give the next, please.

First of all, we propose it since March 26 of last year, neoliberalism resulted in a tremendous deepening of inequality, some studies did not capture it because the household surveys that are made in Mexico never interview the richest, the richest,to the billionaires;Then these billionaires did not appear and the level of inequality that was in the country was really underestimated.

Inequality grows a lot in the 80s and with neoliberalism because, among other things, the crisis is loaded over workers and the people of Mexico: salaries fall to levels, say, unimaginable, 65 percent of purchasing power is lostIn the 80s, there is an increase in public services prices, in electricity, in gas, among others, and there was no social policy that allowed all that that had been happening, product of that crisis that is loaded toworkers will compensate for a good part of the Mexican population.

On the contrary, the social policy that was established in neoliberalism what he did is deepen these inequalities, giving rise, as in the case of taxes and electrical rates, to a system that we have called oligarchic, a privileged system, aSystem in the case of electricity where there are private monopolies, such as Iberdrola, a Spanish company, or as Enel, from Italy, that control or are increasingly controlling the electricity generation market, not because they are more efficient, but because the systemwhich was imposed with the energy reform has allowed them to advance at the expense of the Federal Electricity Commission.

These large monopolies are associated through different mechanisms such as illegal self -basting societies because they are not allowed to sell electricity, but it was to supposedly meet their own needs, and as the case of Oxxo, which is from the FEMSA company, they are associatedWith different companies.

Two emblematic cases and that my partner Mario of the Self -Autostos will comment more, because they are in Iberdrola.

Why these schemes, as in the case of taxes, deepen inequality?

Because we are going to see that these consortiums such as Oxxo pay less for electricity than their pairs or their competitors, such as corner stores or even a good part of Mexican households, which, let's say, we hold that data, right now weto see.

That means then that there are a private monopolies that concentrate electricity, which are associated, which also receive subsidy from the Mexican State, are associated with these large corporate ones, sometimes associated in business chambers and these companies are beneficiaries of an inequitable systemOf rates, that right now we are going to see why it is inequitable, which was established with neoliberalism and that the reform of the President, already sent to the congress and that is being discussed, would disappear the entire inequitable system of fares.

This is what Oxxo presents yesterday.The Oxxo says that it pays the fair and that protects the environment, says that a home pays around, the one that presents, the example that presents, about 53 kilowatt/hour and that they pay to the same CFE 2.51 pesos per kilowatt/hour.

What are we going to analyze?

If these are half truths or what really is really here or not in relation to this.We give the next, please.

He presented this, presents two videos and presents on his website, because he says: 'If you want more information, go to the website', and on the website what it says, which would be the monthly average, says there: 'IndicatorsGeneral Expenditure for electric power consumption of Oxxo stores with clean energy supply ', and put an average of what they would spend a month or bimonthly and the average kilowatts/hours, kilowatts pesos/hour.

It says below that it would now be the consumption of electric energy of Oxxo stores without clean energy supply and associates it with the CFE, that means that the above is clean and cheap, and the CFE is dirty and expensive.Coincidentally it is part of the propaganda they are saying today, because they have no more arguments against the reform or the reform initiative, that CFE is dirty and face.Let's see if that's true.

Mario Morales Vielmas: Thank you.We go to the next, please.

Within this campaign that is, somehow related to the initiative sent by Mr. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the Chamber, an initiative of the most important to be able to be in conditions that in the energy sector in electrical matters we have the bestconditions.And the campaign is that simple: the CFE generates with dirty energies.

Here you can see in this sheet two columns that integrate the total energies of the private ones, the majority foreigners, and the CFE.

Who generates clean energy?

19 percent are generated by private ones within all their generation park.This 19 percent is lower, even when they are more electric power plants, because they are intermittent energies.What does it mean? What are solar energies and wind energies.

Solar energies have a 20 percent plant factor.What does this mean?, That 20 percent of the eight thousand 760 hours a year only generate, the rest of the time do not generate because they only do it with the sun.

And winds have a plant factor of 30 percent.This 30 percent also means the same, it means that only 30 percent of eight thousand 760 hours has one year is the energy they produce, then the rest of the time someone has to support that energy and does the CFE and notThey pay him for support.

But if we refer to the graphic, CFE generates 38 percent of the clean energy of its generation park.We talked between 62 percent fossil fuel quotes.I want to tell you that in the CFE and also in the private ones most of these fossil fuels are gas.Gas is definitely a fuel that is much less polluting, and it is the fuel that has been considered in the world as the transition element.

Mexico and the world we will have to go to clean energy, that is indisputable.In fact, in the proposal made by the President in this initiative, the energy transition rises to constitutional rank, why? Because it is a state responsibility to meet this requirement, this commitment, this obligation of Mexico in what is what it isThe energy transition.So, those famous phrases that CFE generates with dirty energies here can see what a lie is.

The fuelle law.I want to tell you that of this that is fossil energy, only six percent of the energy produced by the CFE is with fuelle, but we are integrated into the national electrical system represents 3.1 percent.So, there are not those criticisms and those permanent messages that CFE is dirty.CFE is competitive.

Unfortunately, even the clean energy of the CFE is not recognized, since in the energy reform promoted by the neoliberal government, it was sought at all times to boost, support, with what they have called it a certificate of clean energy, but only to the private ones, the private ones,Only those who have just made investments, the CFE does not.

Here we can see, in the same way, where they point out that most Oxxo stores receive energy from wind farms.Winding parks are concentrated by the indiscriminate authorization of the CRE of permits throughout the country without any planning, but wind energy is concentrated in Oaxaca, in the isthmus and is concentrated in the northeast, in Tamaulipas.

So how is it possible for me to say, if oxxes are scattered throughout the country, which receive clean energy.The reality is that clean energy is injected into the points where each of the clean energy plants are located.

Entonces, no existe o serán muy pocos los Oxxos en el país que estén cerca de alguno de los generadores de los cuales se han convertido en socios, abusando de un tecnicismo y abusando de una modificación a la ley, inconstitucional para nosotros, en 1992, donde se les permite a los privados nuevos esquemas de generación privada para empezar a penetrar en México porque el Tratado de Libre Comercio indicaba que había que ir por el negocio eléctrico de México, hoy lo tenemos protegido, con la reforma energética del 2013, todos estos esquemas que son los productores independientes con el 91 percent de la generación del país y el 12 por ciento en los autoabastos.

Go ahead, partner.

Miguel Santiago Reyes Hernández: We also have something else that is affirmed, in addition to the part of the clean energy, because it said the propaganda that was launched yesterday that Oxxo pays the fair and also takes care of the environment.So, of that that pays the fair, already from the environment my partner spoke, because what we are going to see is whether it effectively pays the right thing.

They show a CFE light receipt, that is, they pay CFE, 2.51 pesos per kilowatt/hour.First, it should be clarified that 95 percent of its energy are received from the self -assessThat they do not pay the transmission and not paying the transmission because obviously with that subsidy they receive lower rates, 95 percent receive it from them, five percent receive it from CFE.

And let's see that when they receive it from them, with that 95 percent, it is or pay three to six times less than what they can pay in a grocery store, that is, with a competitor who is in front of them.And that when is the case of the CFE, if we compare it with households, we will identify that one in two Mexicans pay more electricity than OXXO according to the receipt that taught yesterday.

We give the next, please. El recibo que enseña ayer dice 251 pesos per kilowatt/hour, las tarifas que ellos muestran son de la zona centro, digamos, de la Ciudad de México, es la llamada tarifa 1.This is what it establishes is that it starts from 87 cents per kilowatt/hour.06.

If you see on your receipts, if people are seeing us right now you can go for a light receipt and where it says ‘energy’ will find something that says ‘basic’, which is this part, which is 87 cents;They will find another one that will say ‘intermediate’, which is this, 1.06;And they will find another one that is 3.10, which is the so -called surplus, that is, it is 3.10 It no longer has a subsidy, the subsidy is approximately here.

What's going on?

What the neoliberals did is establish rates for stepped homes, look, increasingly.

This rate that is 6.30 is the so -called DAC, that rate is, in addition to having no subsidy, it is the one that pays the households that consume more kilowatts/hours, and they assumed, their assumption is that the poor, because they had to remain poor forever, they consumed less electricity and the more you consume I will charge you more.

And also obviously this is a ... or is linked to a business, electricity is a merchandise, it is not a human right, as it now establishes the reform initiative of the President, which would not only guarantee that this has to be removed, but alsothat the rates for the population, for Mexican households they must be like those that Oxxo has.

Look, it turns out that the oxxo the rate that shows us 2.51, which would be located here, has it constant, does not have these peaks that have households, which shows that many homes suddenly or that passes to many homes, that the light arrived 200 pesos or 200 pesos, and that the nextBimmer increased me to 800 and we don't know why and we think it is the fault of the Federal Electricity Commission or its inefficiency, or that we produce expensive or contaminate in addition to producing expensive.

It is not true, it is a product of a tariff system that we have been dragging, unfair and inequitable, where companies such as OXXO are or have a fixed rate and households have a growing rate.Imagine, households that will pay up to 6.30 versus oxxo, 2.51.

What face yesterday announcing ‘we pay less than a home’?They put a lady, someone who is attending to Oxxo and they say: ‘I pay less’.Of course, if the lady has a house and is going to pay 300 pesos of electricity, it is not the same as an oxxo that has the refrigerators on and will pay 16 thousand pesos.Please, to the examples they put.They would have to respect the intelligence of Mexicans.

Mario Morales Vielmas: In this table we can also somehow observe the comparative behavior of Oxxo.

The Oxxo, you can see, its cost remains, and I reiterate the invitation to Mr. Fernández Carbajal to analyze and discuss this issue, 90 cents, when you are integrated into a self -supply society that, by the way, is illegal because it is not allowed to sellIn these societies in a market parallel to the market that was created in 2013, which is a wholesale electric market, it is a market that should not exist, and that takes advantage of it because they do not pay transport, do not pay what is called theportage.

Indeed, in this example that made us known in recent days, yesterday, in these videos and in this campaign, there are Oxxo receipts by CFE.First, because there are 19,376 oxxes integrated to the self -touched societies, they are just over 20 thousand oxxes, because they are gradually migrating.These oxxes have a CFE receipt, they are less and less until they reach 100 percent integrated into these simulated systems.

However, they make a contract with the CFE, with basic supply, all oxxes, the 20 thousand, and only in five percent, as support, because one day if there is no electric power in wind or if the self -supply is derivedFrom a conventional plant there may be what happened last year, a crisis in the gas, where it became very volatile prices, and they turn off the central and have to give basic supply the 100 percent support.

What does this mean?

That 95 percent of the energy is systematically provided by these self -supply plants, which in the case we are talking about OXXO all are related to wind centrals, where I must highlight that the air is not 24 hours a day, I justpointing out, it is 30 percent of the time that air can be used to produce electricity.Who imagine that it covers the rest of the time? Because oxxo, neither Mexicans nor companies can have intermittent energy, we all require 24 -hour energy, and not only 24 hours where there are interruptions, but an energy of reliability,Continuous quality, because today the productive systems are very robotized and, if there are behaviors that are outside the necessary quality limits, production lines are stopped.So, we have to talk about the quality in electricity.

So, imagine, the variable and intermittent behavior of these technologies because it forces to have a very flexible capacity of the CFE.And I want to tell you that the hydraulics that were used for other elements for the maximum demand normally of the day today is used to meet the variability that these centrals originate and do not pay it, they do not pay that support.

So, we can see in the graph that there are effectively oxxes that pay 2.30 In this example, they are receipts from the CFE of that five percent just or of the oxxes that do not yet go to the self -basting.

We can see the home in middle class, a little high, also pays two pesos with 30 cents.I want to tell you that 57 percent of Mexican families, of the 45 million families, pay 2.30 or more, 47 percent of Mexican families pay 2.30 or less for this scheme of scales that my partner Miguel has just commented and where we see how prices are differentiated depending on the levels of consumption, and where it has been considered that the poorest families are those who consume less, thereforeThey are applied a subsidy, they are granted a subsidy granted by the federal government.

A low voltage store, the one they say, because they have indicated it, that has no transformer, a normal store, of which they have displaced in the neighborhoods systematically the oxxes, arrive and make crisis and the poor stores have to close, they paythree pesos with 30 cents.On average all stores, all businesses that are integrated into La Concanaco, also pay three pesos with 30 cents.

There is a situation that prevails in our beloved Mexico for that great inequality.Families look for mechanisms to obtain additional income or income or the income that will be the necessary to subsist and at your home, where you have a domestic rate, you put your store, but you do not know that you have a domestic rate, consumptionIt increases because in a store I have to have refrigerators and there is a greater consumption of electricity by lighting.

In automatic that increase in consumption forces me to move on to the domestic rate of high consumption and I will pay the prices we saw a moment ago and that we are in this graph seeing six pesos with 30 cents, there are stores that are in this condition.

Obviously you have to advise them, you have to guide them to change their contract, but there are cases, due to ignorance and because they have to look for ways of subsisting and exist in all peripheral colonies and in all colonies throughout the country,Of all the big cities, medium and small cities.

We highlight Iberdrola.Iberdrola is the Spanish company that has the most self -supply centrals in the country.Self -supply is illegal in these terms.

There are currently 233 centrals of which 109 are illegal, because they sell energy, they are not to self -open and among them are the Iberdrola plants that have used this mechanism to enrich themselves, to have great profits.

In the case we see, eight thousand 46 oxxes are in a central one called the South Wind, where its largest participant is Mitsubishi, a Japanese company, is the one that has the financing of this central.

The seven thousand 117 are from ENEL and correspond to two centrals: one is clean energy and the other is Dominican clean energy.These two centrals have seven thousand 117 Oxxo’s, which are providing them with irregularly and that greatly benefits them.

Ventika is from the Ienova group, where she is soppra.Ventika is also a wind that has the supply and integrates these three thousand 542 partners.

And finally, we have a San Matías wind force, which is one of a company, ELECNOR, who is Spanish.

If you set, all capitals, all investments, and we will leave it in quotes because they are not direct investments, they are investments where Mexico's funds participated in neoliberal policies, investment funds, development funds, forgiveness, development fundsMexicans such as Banomext, as is Nafinsa, are supporting these companies and were the ones who participated in the investment.

And here we can see how these companies have integrated the 19,376 oxxes.Here comes the important ones, do not pay the transmission, imagine, or pay something symbolic, pay 11 cents for each kilowatt/hour in the transport of energy the oxxes, when a normal store pays a weight of energy transport.Are the costs of the transmission service commonly known as porting or porting stamp.

We can estimate how much this non -transport payment means, and there are 593 million in 2021.These 593 million were entered, socialized, they are told, in the wholesale electric market and paid it, we were paid by all Mexicans in our receipts.That is, this benefit is not even a subsidy of the State, it is a subsidy that all Mexicans give for not paying transportation.The cost of support is not included here, the one that allows me.

So, as you can see, they do have great benefits, they do have great interest for these systems to continue, because the profits are extraordinary for them, not because they are more competitive or more efficient, but because they were created abusive schemes and in favor totally from them.

What do they do?

They seek all possible mechanisms to make knowledge to the population through different media, with different policies and dirty campaigns that they are the most honest in the world.

These are numbers.I am not a politician, neither does my partner Miguel, I am an engineer, I am a technician, the numbers that we have integrated are numbers that we can support at any time.

And I insist again, we invite the FEMSA group so that we can comment on the subject and to demonstrate the reality behind all these campaigns that are permanently being carried out.

I must say that the initiative proposed by the president what he seeks is that there are no increases in electricity, he has sustained it, he has fulfilled his commitment, since December 1, 2018 there have been no increases in electrical energy,as established in the publications made by CRE.

And I must tell you that the 2013 reform allowed until 2017 to build the rate model as the responsibility of the CRE and it was chaos, from November 2017 to December 2018 was chaos, bandacies down and up of this newmodel that built some Argentine companies for CRE.

So, that is why we have to continue promoting this initiative and that the participation and clarity of all the elements that are around this initiative are known through Parliament and why it is beneficial for Mexico, not for companies and muchless for those foreign private companies that have penetrated in an important way in our country.

Thank you.

Miguel Santiago Reyes Hernández: Thank you, Mr. President.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: Thanks to you.

Well, these are the two issues.

Go ahead, go ahead, three, a partner, four, for the times.

Question: President, Good morning.

Pedro Villa y Caña, from El Universal newspaper.

Very specific questions.Yesterday, after an accident in the south of Mexico City, Facundo Rosas was arrested, near Garcia Luna.Any comments on this detention?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: I have no more information, only that it was part of a group that acted when the operation called rapidly and furious in the Government of Calderón, which allowed the United States government, to one of the government agenciesfrom the United States to introduce smuggling, illegal weapons, that they were supposed to allow information and detain criminals in Mexico because those weapons brought sensors and that way they were going to identify, to locate and thus they were going to carry out the arrest ofcriminals.

What happened?

Well, it was learned, crime had all the information, because it was the time when García Luna was secretary of Public Security, and then, instead of being beneficial, it became a tragedy because they used those weapons to kill people inMexico and also kill foreigners.That research is the one that is openly and allegedly in that group this man participated, along with others.That is what I can tell you.

It is being seen in the United States, the Prosecutor's Office already sent the information and orders of apprehension against these people were issued, that is what there are.It is interesting because that file was filed at the time, not only in Mexico, in the United States and lied, in the case of Mexico, that it was not known or that the high authorities of Mexico did not know, and little by little they wereHe has been knowing that it was a concerted action;What happened before, that our sovereignty was not respected, which entered our territory of the different foreign agencies, carried out operations, had under their orders to public servants of Mexico.

But that is already discarded, there is regulations, the FBI has just participated in a matter in Quintana Roo and we are asking the United States ambassador to inform us about this participation, if there was a report, if there was cooperation in accordance with the standards.We do not oppose that it will work in a coordinated manner against crime, but we cannot allow our sovereignty to violate.

Interlocutor: President, as a second question, there is a preliminary draft that sent the Conacyt, —Destaco that is a preliminary draft, it is still under review - he sent it to the Conamer, it is on a scholarship regulation.In it, a review of this regulation is being made, but it maintains some points, clauses that have been maintained since 2008, in which the Conacyt asks its fellows that avoid demonstrating, participating in political demonstrations abroad and the foreign fellows that areIn Mexico that participate in demonstrations.Some analysts believe that this is violation of freedom of expression.

Also in this regulation it indicates that one of the causes to suspend the scholarship would be the one that fellows are pregnant.The Conacyt replied that he said he is in review, that he will do some ... that he will take these comments into account, but some voices within the academy consider that it is violation.

Did you know about this preliminary draft?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: No, but it is part of the same, it should be ... what is this television analyst called?

Intervention: (inaudible)

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: No, another, also wise.

Intervention: Leo Zuckermann.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: Leo Zuckermann, and the other also very famous, Aguayo.And so, because they bring this from Conacyt and Cide.

The Conacyt bothered them because it was therefore a kind of large box, not a small box, where they served and demonstrated.So, under the shelter that they are scientists, they had done or practiced acts of corruption.

A little the same with Oxxo.Budget money, which is money from all over the town, was allegedly dedicated to technological innovation, but that money was moved to Oxxo, to Bimbo, to whom they felt owners of the country, because it was at the same time those who financed the campaignspolicies, dirty wars against opponents.So, there is no longer that in the Conacyt.

And in the case of the CIDE, during the entire time of predominance of neoliberal or neoporfirist policy they also dominated and education was at the service of these minorities, not at the service of the people.Well, they got even with UNAM.

So what is my opinion?

Well, those regulations that, incidentally, exist since the neoliberal era and that in a dishonest or lack of intellectual or ethical honesty they want to make them appear as proposals of us, because if it was already discovered that there were those retrograde, conservative norms, that they take them away, but that is no problem.

And so you have to remove these pretexts, all these traps of these very opportunistic people who cheated for a long time and that has nothing to do with our thinking to boost public education and, as Paulo Freire said, conceive education asPractice to freedom, that they do not think so, unfortunately what they did of the CIDE was a version very similar to ITAM, and even second because the ITAM had asp and Meade's teachers, to Videgaray, that is, Machuchones del thoughtConservative, but the CIDE was already a copy, a second version.It did not start that way, because it was to form public servants for the benefit of the interests of the nation and ended up hating the public service.

And well, the itam is understood.One day we are going to talk about that, how far the power of Itam came.It is like the power of the media, but the power of ITAM came to impose an ITAM candidate.Do you know who really put - speaking in silver, removing the accessory, as they say in my town, going to the point because the rest is Pacha - who put Meade?

Intervention: (inaudible)

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: Yes, but did President Peña put it, the PRI put it?No, he put Videgaray.I say, because if we are going to talk, why are we going to be giving us the pill?It is very boring like this.

But that is the first version of all the conservative intellectuality that dominated during the neoliberal period and that should offer apologies for what they did in these 36 years of predominance of neoliberal policy, how the country was looted, as never in history.I have always said it and can be tested, they looted more to Mexico in the 36 years of the neoliberal period than all the looting that meant the domain of Spain for three centuries of colony.

Let's see, explain the Fobraproa, to explain why they condoned the taxes to those above and were increasingly charged to the satin people;that explain this of light;to explain why gasolinezos;that they explain why the salary in Mexico became the lowest in the world or the lowest in the world;that they explain why the inequality was encouraged so much in the neoliberal period, why we become in that period the fourth country in the world in more multimillionaires, how they did it;to explain why all the goods of the nation sold, or almost all, and many other things.And they still want more, they have no filling.

But the other day I was looking for the phrase that the fault is not only of these characters, but of the applauders.It is incredible, it is a kind of masochism, because they defend them by cape and sword.Of course, it is no longer the same, now people already woke up completely.

So that is interesting to analyze.

And all our respect, our support for students, academics, all our respect, nothing more ... that it is even good that there is that strike because it helps to open a debate on these issues: education at the service of the oligarchyor education at the service of the people, or educational content or educational content.Is it going to continue with the same, with the formulas learned or prescribed from abroad, the so -called structural reforms, and the our agenda, that of Mexico, that of fighting poverty, that of fighting, that of fighting,Corruption, that Mexico is a country with an extraordinary historical past, exemplary?Are we not going to feel proud of the cultural greatness of Mexico, we will continue to be vassals, submissive, colony, rear patio, protectorate, vassals?

No, this is a great country.They already wanted, with all respect, other countries to have the history that Mexico has, the people that Mexico has, the worker that are the Mexicans, how creatives are Mexicans, heirs, and hence that creativity, of great cultures, ofgreat civilizations.

28.01.22 Versión estenográfica de la conferencia de prensa matutina del presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador

And we are going forward, to feel very proud.And the changes, although they will take to internalize it, because they are not very intelligent either and after that they are obnubilas the courage, hate, but they will end up realizing the importance of a true change for our generation and for those who comeBehind us, our children, our grandchildren.

Well, it is over, let's go with the leaders, because I am also going to a tour, I go to the supervision of the Mayan train and I will see if, as it rained yesterday, it seems, that the two mouth refinery has not been flooded again.See you here on Monday, we already talked on Monday.We will allow the leaders to come. Thank you.

Ah, and hopefully Mr. Fernández comes and will be well treated, in a respectful way, and to bring his arguments or his technicians, he is invited, because this helps a lot to clarify things.In addition, money will be saved because they will not have to be paying advertising.

Intervention: President, vaccines for children after reinforcement?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: You will continue talking about that, Monday or Tuesday.

Well, it's nice.Today we conclude the round of appearances of the candidates, candidates for the General Secretariat of the Pemex Union, this is an unprecedented exercise, something never seen.And welcome, they are at home.

It would be very good too, as the Secretary of Labor, Luisa María Mayor, who talked about strengthening the telephone voting system to avoid blockages and problems, because there are people interested in doing badly, but not the workers or the workers or thecandidates, but the machuchones.

Then, from here to Monday, which is the vote, convene, ask the telephone technicians of Mexico, of the communication companies, to help us to shield the entire system, that we do not have any fault and that good results can be delivered.

When are the results to be released?

Luisa María Mayor Luján, Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare: the results will have to leave on Monday night, approximately at nine thirty, 10, but the same day.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: So, we do not have technical problems, we must solve it well these days.

And go ahead, you are here at the town's house, it is everyone's house.

Fine.See ya.Let's go to Tabasco, Chiapas, Campeche, Yucatán and Quintana Roo, is my first tour and we are going to supervise the works of the Mayan Train.

Thank you.Forward.

Luisa María Mayor Luján: We are very grateful for the President for allowing us in this space to continue with this exercise of transparency, democracy.Today we conclude these five days in which the different candidates, candidates to direct the Pemex union have come to present here so that the workers know them and above all know what they are proposing, to reach the leadership of the union.

Before giving them the floor, we are going to ask you for three minutes of your attention because we are going to present here what will happen on the day of the election.There are still some doubts: how I am going to vote, how this system works, doubts not only, by the way, of the oil guild, but also of citizenship.So, if they allow me.

The first to highlight, although it has already been said on multiple occasions, but it is very important to remember, the election will be on Monday 31, next Monday.

And the choice begins at 00:01, at 12 at night, there the system opens and concludes at 7:00 p.m..

What will happen on election day?

All and all workers who have registered will receive a text message and an email, this message will be sent on the two ways.This message has two fundamental elements, a league and a token, which is a password, 1,2,3,4,5, is the example, everyone will receive this message and the same message will also receive it through email.

Once this message is received, they will enter this league, they will press this league and they will enter the system, here the system says 'Welcome', this is an example, Eduardo Álvarez, enters your token, and here they will enter theToken who received in the message or email, which is the same, 1,2,3,4,5, 'Enter'.

When I press ‘enter’… here 1,2,3,4 is put here.Let's see this video, 'Enter', and I begin to see the candidates, I will see the photographs and names of the 25 candidates, and when I find the one I want to vote I will press it and I will confirm and send my vote,That's how simple the vote will be.

Once the vote is sent, I am going to inform me that I already voted and I will even receive the voucher of that vote, which of course does not register who I voted for, simply the fact of having the certainty that I cast this vote.As simple as that.

Then, at 12:00, at 00:00 hours all will receive this message through their cell phones and emails, and from there they can start the vote.

An additional element, a call center is going to be made available to election, a center that will be established in the Secretariat of Labor for any type of technical doubts.This call center is in charge of the Ministry of Labor, not the union;Therefore, the doubts that must be presented here is 'I did not get the message', 'I oppress and do not enter', any circumstance that happens on the day of the election, that have the security that there are people from the secretariat of the secretariat of the secretariatWork attending these doubts.

Why of the Ministry of Labor?

Because the Ministry of Labor was the one that developed the system and the technicians who developed the system are public officials of this unit.

So, here is the phone, 800 083 1800, will be available from 00:00 hours, all morning, all day, until 7:00 p.m., which concludes the vote, there will be staff attending any attending anyType of doubt.The idea is that we all have the certainty that we can vote, that we have access to that system.

And of course, the call, since the day is wide, is: vote in the intimacy of their home, before going to work or if we worked during the night, that nobody tells us who to vote for, that nobody calls usSomewhere to vote all together, to vote for who dictates their consciousness and intimacy, in privacy that allows such a vote.

That said, we are going to happen to our last five participants, as we have already been doing, this exercise, five minutes each and one of them, and we will do it in alphabetical order.So we spend the word to Ulysses Santos Rodríguez so that I can expose in this tribune.Forward.

Ulises Santos Rodríguez, candidate for general secretary of the Petroleum Workers' Union of the Mexican Republic (STPRM): I am Ulises Santos Rodríguez, active worker of the Maritime Terminal in Dos Bocas, Tabasco, Section 50.Good morning to all.

Gas and oil workers:

The National Movement of Petroleum Transformation Lula, which I dignity represented as a defender of human rights and that since May 2018, with ethical principles and values, we open gap towards the construction of union democracy, main unpublished actions.

The National Executive and the 36 union sections will become Guardians against corruption.

The first dialogue in peace and in harmony with Petróleos Mexicanos will be for the right of life that is the fundamental.We will tours in all working centers reviewing safety hygiene conditions, we will be prepared for contingency by COVID-19, we do not want a fallen partner.

We will present before the STPS the statutory reform based on the labor reform that this fourth transformation decreed on May 1, 2019.We thank the worthy democratic government for this unprecedented historical fact in the union life of our country.

Full respect for our collective work contract.

We will recover passage the 1989 clause.

We will work with republican austerity.

We will eliminate 60 percent of the staff of trade union commissioners, which have only become parasites and hitters of our oil union.

We will review perceptions as union officials.We cannot win more than the President of the Republic, we cannot win more, which is an insult to the oil workers, the Mexican working class and our people.

Trade union democracy will be a fact.We will promote direct and participatory union democracy through the consultation to the worker's base, never the imposition.After a year the National Executive and the 36 executives will evaluate us whether or not we continue.


LUISA MARÍA ALCALDE LUJÁN: Thank you Ulises Santos Rodríguez.We spend the word to Hob Fabián Trinidad Martínez, go ahead.

Job Fabián Trinidad Martínez, candidate for general secretary of the Petroleum Workers' Union of the Mexican Republic (STPRM): This book represents part of the history of oil trade unionism and to contribute to that collection I want to deliver this regulation of work of the years of the years of the yearsFrom 1940 to Mr. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Good morning, the President, to the Secretary of Labor, Media, Companions and Petroleum Companions who have the opportunity to be seeing us.I present myself, I am Job Fabián Trinidad Martínez, a worker in Section 33, in Tampico, Tamaulipas.

As a national project, we propose to work together with the company and the government to be able to consolidate the transformation of a new trade unionism in Mexico.

The story, from the foundation of the oil union and the oil expropriation makes us clear and well supported that from its principles and struggles of struggle we must administer, propose, safeguard and manage all the rights and obligations of workers.

The oil guild represents a matter of sovereignty and national security and together with Petróleos Mexicanos is the backbone of the country's economy, hence the importance of being a great ally of the federal government and avoiding all risk.

We also are clear that we live in a globalized world where T-MEC represents and urges better energy management, because the world observes the decisions of this country for being an oil producer.

As oil workers we know the complete diagnosis of effects and that allows us to be able to say that it is required of a union change, and this can be done through an analogy where every sowing knows that to make a better harvest you must start from rootAll bad grass and thus clean the terrain to be able to put the new seeds.

Our project coincides with the political vision of this federal government, that no one is above the law.

And retirement is a peaceful and confrontation solution that must be applied shortly.

Local oil votes left many issues to meet, but since freedom is not implored, we are conquered, we have been victorious to be here despite so many effects and damages that have been given as oil workers in our rights.

Our project is based on several points:

The defense of the workforce with exhaustion of work subject and attend all the contractual effects based on the respective regulations and their annexes.

Manage the intervention of the National Health System, in order to help guarantee what is legally agreed between the Mexican company and laboratories, which are those that give medical supply.

Manage construction projects and continue considering the maintenance of the various facilities, as well as the new two mouth refinery, which will benefit active, transient and retired colleagues, the latter as instructors, and all under a balance between austerity policy.

Graduate Andrés Manuel López Obrador:

I propose to reactivate petrochemicals, activate exploratory fields and recover the oil maritime fleet from the hand of your government.

We also have to consider that it is important to send a message to current officials.They, as premises or nationals, we have to make them see something with much respect and carefully.For dignity and respect for all the families that we represent the oil workers, they have to withdraw, they have to retire those who have complied with clause 134 of the collective work contract, it is a respect for us as workers.

Mr. president:

We accept the challenge of working together under the precepts of the fourth transformation.We are not upset.

Petroleum partners:

Together we work without simulations and with respect to rights.

Long live the oil union.

Long live Mexico.

I would like to end as soon as we know that as a project we bring everything that supports what is expressed at this time, we would like to have been able to give it to the President in person together with the book, which is the work relationship of 1940.

We are going to deliver them to the Secretary of Labor so that if you can please reach the president.


Luisa María Mayor Luján: Of course, we will gladly deliver.We thank Job Fabián Trinidad.And let's give him the floor, it is a turn of Nora Luz Vázquez Sánchez.Forward.

NORA LUZ VÁZQUEZ SÁNCHEZ:Hello a todas y todos.

I thank the president to hear our dissident voices and present our proposals.

I am Nora Luz Vázquez Sánchez worker in Section 15, unionized and participated on behalf of the National Petroleum Movement headed by the co -fellow Hebraicaz Vázquez, who has fought for more than 50 years for the democratization of the union and for the free, secret, universal and universal votedirect that until today is implemented.

I represent the transgenerational project with the following proposals:

Reform our Statute in Correspondence of the Political Constitution, the Federal Labor Law and Treaties, Conventions, Agreements Ratified before the International Labor Organization with the participation of colleagues.

Review and modify the collective contract by integrating international labor rights and gender equity.

Repeal clause 32 to improve working conditions and increase productivity.

Audit the 36 sections and the National Executive Committee recurrently, comply with accountability.

End the sale of squares and chips, transparenting its allocation and applying the regulations.

Create a transitional person ranks for their basification according to the time worked and thus end the influence peddling that prevails between human resources and the union.

Attend and solve in urgency the problem of mortgage loans, immediate activation and transfer in the granting of the same.

Take care that the quality of medical service is guaranteed by proposing to the company an cost-benefit analysis of subrogate services versus the construction of medical units in each work center.

That doctors are hired and that the supply of medicines are guaranteed.

That the appropriate conditions of work, equipment, vehicle park and that the per diem are also delivered with the economic resource in a timely manner for the correct performance of the members are also guaranteed..

Transparent the granting of work benefits and the destiny of the union fees of plant workers, transitory and retirees, and thus avoiding resource deviations for other political purposes.Let's not forget the Pemexgate.

Creation of the Women's Secretariat, in order to guarantee respect for female work and meet their needs.

In addition, promote and guarantee respectful and decent treatment of the LGBTTI community.

Transformation of union culture with the active participation of the members, including the retired personnel that have given Pemex so much, implementing in the three sections of dialogue and permanent work and all the voices will be heard.

Monitor the precise application of the regulations of contractual rights.

Also eliminating duplicate places, since it violates the rights of workers and causes patrimonial damage to Pemex.

Recover the spaces of family integration, promotion of arts, culture and physical activity.

Establish agreements between the Mexican Petroleum Institute and Schools, Public and Private Universities to promote the professionalization of the working base.

I promise to donate 50 percent of the economic resource of the position of the General Secretariat, since I am convinced that the union representation is by vocation of service to the working base, without waiting for economic benefits.

I have the experience, conviction, the necessary principles and values acquired for 30 years of struggle.

I will not give up the repression he has suffered and I still suffer from the mafia of Carlos Romero Deschamps, who intends to prolong his cacicazgo through some candidates, an example of this: Ricardo Aldana Prieto.


We have in our hands the historical decision of change, let's vote freely, with value, consciousness, for justice and labor equity.Together and united we will overcome.A reasoned vote.

And I call on retired workers to talk to the oil family, brothers, aunts, all and vote for a true change in the union.

Thank you a todos.

LUISA MARÍA ALCALDE LUJÁN: Thank you a Nora Luz Vázquez.And we pass the word to José Luis Vázquez Torres.

Nora Luz Vázquez: Secretary, as soon as an observation.I asked me to put a presentation in my speech.The sound did not get.Well, here I bring here.



Intervention: (inaudible)

Luisa María Mayor Luján: Of course, right now we give him the opportunity to express himself, now there was a ... there were images.Right now, if you want, we see it, right? And if not, we give you time for them to present them.


JOSÉ LUIS VÁZQUEZ TORRES, CANDIDATO A SECRETARIO GENERAL DEL SINDICATO DE TRABAJADORES PETROLEROS DE LA REPÚBLICA MEXICANA (STPRM): Thanks a Dios por estar aquí presente en esta plataforma.First of all, good morning everyone.My name is José Luis Vázquez Torres, I am an active oil tanker of section number 1 of the Madero City, Tamaulipas, nationalist, humanist, quinista, of the dissident group of a national group that we have a presence in the 36 local general secretaries that we compose,MORENAPE.

His server, José Luis Vázquez Torres, we cannot forget about what we have happened, are 30 years of union kidnapping of Salinas de Gortari's neoliberalTo the people of Mexico.

We cannot be cowardly or remain silent, because when we were silent we would be complicit in them.We know in advance that neoliberals, politicians, businessmen from Carlos Salinas de Gortari to Peña Nieto, the town was plunged into poverty.We were a template of 140 thousand workers, now we are 90 thousand.They disintegrated families.

We cannot be accomplices or see or leave silent to see how Romero Deschamps continues to move the threads of corruption in his candidate, by Luis Ricardo Aldana Prieto, the eternal treasurer who has not realized 30 years of the union fees.

We know that Romero Deschamps has been supporting dissident groups to call themselves leaders, example: how is it possible that a Morena Senator aspire without giving up his position and wants the national general secretary when he has not worked since 2011?

It is said revolutionary, we are quinistas, we leave the tools ... we leave the weapons for the work tools.

Talking about ‘La Quina’ is talking about the longing.

In advance we will ensure the collective contract and the statutes that have been violated, which have been trampled for 30 years.It is not possible that, in quotes, the makeup democracy and that all the dice are loaded to the Dolphins of Romero Deschamps, that all the dice are charged to neoliberalism, that politicians and businessmen are putting their noses for presidential political purposes.

I am a dissident oil worker who has walked, who has lived, who has approached the base, who has been run, that my rights from a plant took me, in my own flesh I have lived the kidnapping union kidnapping.

I am not a coward, I am afraid for my life, because we have more than 16 years fighting.We are the voice of all oil tankers.

We will ensure the collective work contract, we will ensure the statutes that our grandparents, our parents for a better union, inherited for a better Mexico.

To leave our children and our grandchildren tomorrow, a better Mexico, a better union.

Talking about Don Joaquín Hernández Galicia is talking about the cooperative stores we had at the national level, which were 100.Let's recover.We invite the Government of the Fourth Transformation, to Segalmex, Mexican Food Security, that together, with a granite, with the union quotas, with a commission of us, the assets, retirees and transitory, we relive those cooperative stores that we generate employment giving it responseto workers every six months, every year, what do we do with union quotas.

We will invite you to make competition to oxxes with stores that have benefit for vulnerable, for those below, for those of the town.

There is little time they give us to external.

The defense of trade union rights must include our retirees, active and transitory through the law improving the conditions of the collective labor contract, making the benefits equate among our colleagues to obtain social and labor justice that the oil family usWe deserve.

We will actively participate together with the federal government to improve the training of our colleagues, thus to promote the extension of the oil workforce, always respecting our statutes and the rights acquired without forgetting our transitory workers.

Implement in our statutes the legal mandate of the equal participation of women and men within the National and Local Executive Committee, 50 percent of our leaders will be women and men.

Today is when his important role in union decision making will be recognized, the periods in which the union leaders will be in office will also be limited, limiting them in two periods.

First of all we will ensure the source of work that is the use of every Mexican.


Luisa María Mayor Luján: Thank you very much, we thank José Luis Vázquez.And finally our last participant, Esbayde Villaverde Acevedo, five minutes, go ahead.

EsBayde Villaverde Acevedo, candidate for general secretary of the Petroleum Workers' Union of the Mexican Republic (STPRM): please, yes, the presentation.

(Start video)

Man Voice: For the national rescue of our oil company, today, today, we must achieve unity and union justice, you have to change the course, and for Esbayde you have to vote, the best, for general secretary because the oil company will defendHis labor rights, Esbayde Villaverde.

Today with our free and secret vote we will change the course of the tankers, someone who defends our rights, who raises the voice that the worker, humble dissident and against the system, Esbayde Villaverde, but always fighting.

(Finish video)

ESBAYDE VILLAVERDE ACEVEDO:Hello, señor presidente; buenos días a todos los compañeros del STPRM y pueblo de México.

I am very pleased to be in this place, it is an honor for me, since all Mexicans are currently seeing the morning, which I love personally because I find out how issues go and I can be a participant.

The participation of each of us is very important so that Mexico can reach the standards it requires, that is why I come as Mexican, as a oil company, and this helmet because now they call me the white helmet, it represents my colleagues.

I want to tell you that I work in Section 48, I am 28 years old, I graduated from the Autonomous University of Tabasco of the Language Degree with Teaching Terminal and the Master in Administration with Administration with a terminal in Human Resources.

STPRM partners:

In my work plan I have 36 proposals that I consider cover our problems and expectations which have been embodied in our collective work contract emanating from our statutes currently emanating from a corrupt dome, in case they favor me with a massive vote I will fulfill their mandate.

We will demand 89 specialists, modern teams and carry out educational programs for healthy eating.

Because we all go there, one of my concerns will be to build the development model for the elderly with places of recreation for your body and intellectual capacity, providing everything that is required to have a dignified old age.

We will recover together with our president who are waiting for the children of 'La Quina' to put the 50 billion dollars in trusts that 'La Quina' left in the different banks of Mexico, being their desire to be used in cooperatives to help theMexicans.

I propose part of that to invest in the complexes of agroindustrias, field-school, possessuela and support workers with comfortable housing, decent fair.

We will build the Petrolera University model with all careers and technological teaching, and the categories will be certified, all schools will be modernized, article 123.

We will have recreational activities that include recreation, sport and culture.

We will restore the vote to the retiree.

Mr. president:

We have him as the father of democracy.As a candidate, if a vote can make the difference, do you imagine the vote of 100,000 retirees?It is as much or more than the amount of assets and no statute can be on the law, since you always tell us that the vote is sacred waiting for this to be these days of your government.

We will deliver the last place to the retiree right, we will fight because what is owed and we will be paid and the retiree salary with the asset.

We will basify the transitory.

We will provide before the company that as long as the raw material exists the liquidations will enter again according to the ranking plan.I am talking about those liquidated companions who were the first who suffered the attacks of this change from Salinas de Gortari in 1993 when they came ...

Time was very quick, but I want to tell you, colleagues, that we already have all this work done, we have already done it, we have already walked, we have a year working, this triptych I have already made them arrive.

And, on the other, Rapidito, I give this to Ms. Luisa María Mayor, who since February 24 was sent to not participate the spurious, the corrupt, in elections, with all the articles that must be.

And we consider, licensed, that you have been a hindrance to justice, we consider, from the moment you have not allowed us to follow what we have to do, yes, licensed?

From the moment you have given participation to these people, from the moment they began the local elections, when they must have been those of the National, among many other things we have, licensed, I ask that, really, it is notYou a traitor for the 4T.

Thanks a todos.


Luisa María Mayor Luján: We thank Esbayde Villaverde.

We asked Nora, was there any video that did not appear?

Nora Luz Vázquez Sánchez: No, what happens that in that video brought the trusts so that here the companions and the journalists and my companions see them and when I saw the time it had already ended.

But I want to deliver to the journalists that here are the complaints of national oil movement and the trusts, which are millions and millions of dollars and are in the accounts, and there is all the corruption of the oil union.Here I have them, colleagues.

Many thanks.


Remember several things:

The first is, we are in a process of changes, there are many new things that we have to become a culture in our country.The law was amended on May 1, 2019 to establish in our country freedom and union democracy and these new norms are clearly established who are the authorities responsible for each of the processes.

Sometimes, and I understand it, we would like the Labor Authority, the Ministry of Labor, the Labor Center, to say: ‘This does not participate, this does participate’ or could impose rules in an election.But you have to remember that we are in the field of the unpublished, but that it is uppresenting in case of irregularities.

Some disagreements have been commented through these days, for example, of ‘this person or this one should not participate because it does not meet the rules’;So, this type of complaints we commented on yesterday you have to present them and we must make this the everyday, that we all defend the electoral processes.

We talked about where to file complaints and complaints.We express this email in this space again, disagreements.pemex@centrolall.Gob.MX, the work center, which is a new institution, a new autonomous authority, has to receive, analyze and, where appropriate, determine if there was a reasonable doubt of an electoral process.

What happens in the event that it determines that there is reasonable doubt?

You can command to repeat the procedure and, unlike the first, now it is the work center that leads the electoral process.At the beginning it is the union itself, it is the electoral body of the trade union organization itself who conducts the election process, but if there is reasonable doubt, the law that touches the work center does it.

This exercise will happen, as previously reported, in four sections of the Pemex union where it was determined that there was reasonable doubt and therefore in February those four elections will have to be repeated.

We are living times that will mark the history of trade unionism in our country. Este ejercicio de cinco días en esta tribuna, en este espacio, invitados por el presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador, da cuenta del compromiso de este Gobierno con la libertad y la democracia, el que se puedan expresar aquí de manera libre, que se pueda quitar todos esos obstáculos para que los trabajadores los conozcan y que realmente con información puedan acudir el próximo lunes a votar.

Remember two things, although it seems repetitive, it is very important to remember:

The election day is next Monday, at 00:00 the system opens.Unpublished vote through electronic vote.All and all workers must receive - and if they help me again with that image - they must receive on their cell phones through a text message the following:

'Vote in Sirvolab, your personal access league is this', your token is this, they must access this league and there introduce the token, the password, 1, 2, 3, 4, enter and let's see what happens when we enter To the system.

Forward el video nuevamente.

It oppresses ‘enter’, we enter the system and we will see all the candidates and candidates, image and name.Once we locate the candidate of our election, he oppresses, he asks me ‘confirm this person’, I put ‘confirm’, send vote.That's all.

With this safe mechanism we will allow no intimidation and that no one is forced.We will protect the right to direct and secret free personal vote.

And it seems to me that this exercise for the first time, far from talking about change of norms, already translates into a reality.

So it gives us a lot of pleasure and we recognize the courage of the 25 candidates, candidates that on the day of ... that during this week were presented in this space.We really consider that it is very enriching not only for the oil guild, for the whole country, because Pemex is from the whole nation.

Many thanks a todas, a todos.

And we invite you to those who still do not register that they do it.Here the president spoke of not allowing any obstacle to participation.If there is still any worker who has not registered to vote, they can do it on the phone.And we have already published on social networks the phones that the union made available, but anyway we are finally publishing them here.

Forward.Here they have all today, all tomorrow, until Saturday, to register all those, to defend their right to vote.

Many thanks y no vemos ya después de la elección.