Nearly 3 in 4 homeless people see their dog as their main social support

33% of the social support network of those surveyed is made up of dogs, followed by friends (18%), professionals-social workers, psychologists and others- (18%), family members (15 %), the couple (11%), the neighbors (3%) and God (2%).

The study was carried out in collaboration with the Affinity Foundation and the Foundation for Advice and Action in Defense of Animals (FAADA), both reported this Wednesday in a statement.

Companionship, comfort, physical contact, the availability of a confidante and the responsibility of caring for someone are the aspects that homeless people emphasize the most when thinking about their dogs.

Almost 3 out of 4 people are homeless they see their dog as their main social support

The study also indicates that for homeless people the traditional family model, based on relatives and partners, only represents 26% of their social network.

The bond between the homeless person and their pet is so strong that when asked who they think would never leave them and who would always stay by their side, 93% mentioned their dog first.

The same percentage also think that it is their dog with whom they share the most happy and fun moments (93%) and with whom they show the most affection (90%).