Controversy surrounds complaint against former president of Paraguay

After the Minister of Interior, Arnaldo Giuzzio, yesterday presented the accusator brief before the Secretariat of Money or Assets Prevention (Seprelad), the defense lawyer of Cartes, Carlos Palacio, declared that the objective is purely political and without foundationslegal, and in networks they swarm teasing and criticism regarding the complaint.

According to the newspaper La Nación, Minister Giuzzio became a tendency on Twitter because numerous users question their management at the head of the country's internal security agency, where the wave of street assaults persists in several locations and they say that there is no effective response from this portfolio.

Even while the person responsible for internal security made his complaint in a personal capacity before the SEPRAD, on the social networks a video was viralized in which several children are observed to assault the driver of a vehicle just a few meters from the police commandNational, the source reported.

On the other hand, Giuzzio's complaint against Cartes mentions “the existence of a set of facts and situations that could constitute indications of the commission of punishable acts of money laundering from smuggling and illicit enrichment in the public function and other related crimes”.

Polémica rodea a denuncia contra expresidente de Paraguay

Before he had warned that "excessive growth was found" in the patrimony of the former president throughout his term of mandate.

Giuzzio set as the main axes of his complaint "money laundering, illicit enrichment and false statement", and considered that, although he presented the case before the Seprelad, "at some point he will reach the Prosecutor's Office".

Cartes's lawyer considered that this complaint was made before an incompetent body and is nothing more than "a media show".

Palacio explained in communication with the “Up pole” program, issued by Channel Gen and Universe 970 AM, that if Giuzzio really had any data or any valid element to denounce, for example before the Public Ministry or even before the Seprera, there could beMade as Interior Minister.

Also social networks criticized that the senior government official would not have made the complaint with the Public Ministry, according to the Nation.

According to the head of the Interior, he did not file the complaint with the Prosecutor for a matter of speed, taking into account that Seprelad has the methods to make both local and international verifications, but that later the case will have to reach that instance.

Cartes appears in Pandora's roles, an international journalistic investigation that denounces that various world leaders, businessmen, artists and athletes from Latin America and from all over the world have fiscal den where they deposit their money to avoid paying taxes in their respective countries.

According to this investigation, the former president is linked to a company created in Panama that was not included in his affidavits.