Cristina Porta's family drama that has marked her life and for which she has undone in 'Secret Story'

Last night it was the turn for Cristina Porta to break live in 'Secret Story'.The journalist opened on a channel and showed traits edges of her life, which we do not believe that from this moment it can be qualified as an authentic unknown for the audience -the label with which she entered the 'reality'---.Because he opened on a channel and revealed the traumas of his past and all those calvaries for whom he had to go through and have left him a mark.The contestant is sincere and explains the chapters of 'bullying' whom he had to face when he was younger."I suffered insults and they came to hit me," were the resounding words that caused everyone to mood."My mother always told me not to show my weakness and not cry in front of the rest," he continued, making a very important nuance: he can give the feeling of being "haughty", but it is just that shield that had to forge to protect himself to protect himself.

It was still to be known what those other episodes that have weighed their mood were for years.Specifically, it was the section of family diseases that caused a greater shudder among spectators -so it was reflected in social networks -.Above all, that part in which he ended up breaking by reminding a very special person who died not long ago and who, according to those tears, has not been able to overcome: "A few years ago my aunt Maribel dies, themy mother's sister, who was a mother for me.It affects me very psychologically ".After taking some air, it gave some more details: "He died of cancer and that was the worst moment of my life".

El drama familiar de Cristina Porta que ha marcado su vida y por el que se ha deshecho en 'Secret Story'

But the thing did not end there, because Porta received a mazazo very shortly before this 'reality' began in which we are being able to get an idea of how this woman is."Weeks before entering here, my mother was found in the chest.He told me he had breast cancer, "he explained to the cameras.A revelation that, we do not believe that it was chance, was done coinciding with World Breast Cancer Day."I am positive because I know that she is fine," he finished, to give a positive look at the time and after listening to how Terelu Campos, who has suffered the disease up to two occasions, threw a message of affection to the mother of Porta and everyonewomen fighting against it or who have suffered it.

Breaks into the reunion

What Cristina did not imagine at that time was that 'Secret Story' had a very emotional surprise.Neither more nor less than the reunion with that mother who is in the middle of the battle against breast cancer.Beyond the tears of rigor and the coldness that there is a kind of transparent wall through COVID-19, he gave him a few reassuring words: "They are defending with a lot of education and has a family that we want it".In addition, he gave him the great joy that all his surroundings see with good eyes that relationship that has begun inside the house with Luca Onestini: "I think he has to go to Italy first and then come to Reyes".

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