FIXED: The immigration affidavit was updated

Many readers wrote these days about the problem of the migration affidavit, which despite the change in requirements since January 29, continues to demand what previously exists: THE NEGATIVE PCR PROOF

Let's see some screenshots, in step 2 (the first is to validate ID and mail) it asks you for a vaccination scheme, without specifying what. But this as it stands, is new.

Then there is validating the health issues, and by putting NO and NO...

It tells you that proof of PCR is necessary... when it is not necessary

FIXED: Migration affidavit was updated

Then there is no other choice but to lie… to be able to have it

This starts tomorrow the 29th, but the requested DDJJ is "within 48 hours prior to the trip", although the calendar now gives the chance to do it a week before...

We will see when they fix this and incidentally the incorrect information on the migration website itself that says that those who need PCR or antigen tests, the time is taken from the arrival in Argentina, while the DA of the BO clearly says, as always, the beginning of the trip… AND IT IS NOT THE SAME

Link of the DDJJ of migrations that is made when leaving and entering the country at