How to make banana and egg pancakes - Learn how to make this easy and healthy recipe

By Paloma Lopez. 14 January 2022

There is nothing more comforting than rewarding yourself one weekend by preparing some delicious pancakes for breakfast or a snack. This typical American gastronomy sweet has won over more than one palate. Whether savory or sweet, pancakes are a great dough to go with your favorite ingredients. However, due to its high sugar and carbohydrate composition, it can become a problem if you want to maintain a healthy diet. However, currently the kitchen has evolved a lot and we can count on different recipes and equally exquisite results. It may be that due to a food problem, an allergy or a weight loss plan, it is not highly recommended that you eat conventional pancakes.

For this reason, in this new OneHOWTO article we are going to provide you with a delicious and much healthier recipe. We explain how to make easy banana and egg pancakes, an alternative that you will not stop making when you try it. Let's cook!

3 diners 30 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients: You will need: You may also be interested in: How to make homemade pancakes Steps to follow: 1

To start this recipe for healthy banana and egg pancakes, you must first have a bowl on hand where you will mix the ingredients. Next, you need to peel the banana. We point out that it is important that it is ripe and with black specks so that it is easier to crush and the consistency is gelatinous. Chop it up and mash it with the help of a fork until it forms a porridge.


How to make banana egg pancakes - Learn how to make this easy and healthy recipe

Once you have the banana porridge ready in the bowl, crack the eggs and beat them well with the help of a whisk.


Next, mix both ingredients and integrate them well so that the whole banana is impregnated with the beaten egg and a smooth and homogeneous mass is obtained.


When you have obtained the mixture, place a non-stick frying pan to heat. You can grease it with a little oil or butter, although, if it is a good pan, it will not be necessary to add anything. Next, when the surface of the pan is hot, begin to pour the batter with the help of a spoon, obtaining pancakes between 7-9 centimeters in diameter.


Cook the plantain tortilla for approximately 3 minutes and, with the help of a non-stick spatula, check that the bottom part has browned so that you can turn it over and cook the other side for another 3 minutes.


Once the pancake is ready, you must place it in a dish and cover it with plastic wrap so that it doesn't lose the heat and it stays warm while you make the rest of the pancakes. And, when you have all the pancakes ready, you will have achieved approximately 7 in total, it will be time to plate them to be able to taste them. You can choose to place fruit on top or sprinkle a little cocoa or cinnamon. You can also add some caramel on top.

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