The Nation of Alcoholics Anonymous Aid turns 46 years in Paraguay

Next Sunday, January 23, the 46th anniversary of the arrival of the International Community of Alcoholics Anonymous Aid (A.A.) To Paraguay, which currently has more than 60 groups at the country level, both in urban and rural areas.

The organization itself has 86 years of existence, was created when Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith (Bob), in the city of Akron, Ohio, the United States, began to dialogue about their alcoholic career, of the vain and desperate attempts thatthey had done for stopping drinking alone;When they discovered that sharing those experiences they were stopping it, based on the "one day at a time".

Alcoholics Anonymous is a recovery program that works based on spiritual principles, consisting of 12 steps for personal recovery, 12 traditions to maintain unity and 12 concepts for world service, and is currently in more than 182 countries in the world.

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La Nación Grupo de ayuda Alcohólicos Anónimos cumple 46 años en el Paraguay

The primary purpose of A.A.It is taking the message to the person who is suffering the attacks of alcoholism, their relatives or all those interested in the subject, so alcoholics anonymous is a group of people who maintain their sobriety and their only objective is to pass the message to thealcoholic who is suffering.

It should be mentioned that alcoholism is a disease recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) since 1952 and to belong to.A.The only requirement is the desire to stop drinking, according to their representatives.

Virtual Meeting

As a tribute to its landing in Paraguay, the local group will carry out tomorrow, January 19, information to the public virtually from 20:00 through the Zoom platform.

The company is urged to be part of this presentation and those interested can find the link in the news section of the website;www.Alcoholics enter directly from https: // us02web.Zoom.US/J/7497899449? PWD = TKPAQ2VKEGT0DXJBV2VQUJNLEDFQQT09.MEOTING ID: 749 789 9449, PassCode: 01234.

Likewise, those who wish to know how the program works can go to the closest group of their home, visit the website www.Alcoholics o llamar a la oficina de la Junta de Servicios Generales de Alcohólicos Anónimos del Paraguay, al número 0983-847093, 0984-961483.

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From the group remember that.A.He does not receive contributions from anyone, his own members maintain the community;It is not mixed in public controversies or is affiliated with any organization, institution or political party.Nor does it maintain records or archives of its members;In their sessions, experiences are shared, both in their trajectory of drinkers and in sobriety.Finally, the community remarks that alcoholism is a disease that can be treated.