News from the Junta de Andalucía Rocío Ruiz announces the continuity of the Andalusian Care Net

News from the Junta de Andalucía Rocío Ruiz announces the continuity of the Andalusian Care Net

The Minister of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation, Rocío Ruiz, has announced the continuity of the Andalusian Network of Attention to Hins Hins that was created within the framework of the Extraordinary Program for Accommodation and Social Insertion to homeless people who launched the launched theJunta de Andalucía among other measures at the beginning of the health crisis by COVID-19, in order to combat poverty and social exclusion.

Specifically, Ruiz has reported that his department is already processing a tender for the disposition of 315 places in homes through social concert with the entities of the sector and that, for these places, "the quality of the project will be improved by establishing a maximumof three people for housing ".

Thus he has reported during the visit he has made to a housing resource that ECCM in Huelva manages through the extraordinary help granted worth 2.9 million euros to the Andalusian Network for the Fight against Poverty and Social Exclusion (EAPN)for the creation of 298 places for homeless people in Andalusia and who, at the moment, are in full occupation.

"The situation of homeless people is extreme vulnerability in many different aspects for the projection of their lives.The lack of housing is an impediment to access to employment, withouthogarism experiences negatively impact people's physical and mental health and this population is unprotected to crimes and situations of discrimination, "said the counselor.Thus, he pointed out that having the needs covered is the first step for these people to recover their lives and reintegrate into society.Hence the importance of searching and accessing a job.

"Sinhogarismo is one of the most extreme expressions of social exclusion and a complex phenomenon, with very serious consequences and a high invisibility component of the people who suffer from it," explains the Minister of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation, Rocío Ruiz.He adds that "to this is added the impact that the pandemic has had on the most vulnerable people of our society such as those who lack a home to take refuge, take care of or be able to pass the confinement states, to whom the pandemic has placed in ahigh -risk situation to contagion and virus transmission ".

Collaboration with the Third Sector

Noticias de la Junta de Andalucía Rocío Ruiz anuncia la continuidad de la Red andaluza de Atención a Personas sin Hogar

EAPN, responsible for the extraordinary help granted by the Ministry of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation, has more than twenty years of experience in the third sector and is made up of more than fifty social entities endorsed by a demonstrable trajectory and technical solvency.Likewise, the entities responsible for the management of these centers throughout Andalusia through the Network for the Fight AgainBethany, Andalusia and Project Men.

This Sinhogarismo program of the Equality Ministry includes two types of homeless care resources.On the one hand, day centers located in all Andalusian provinces through which basic food services, emergency ropering, preventive material and basic hygiene are provided.It is an indispensable device as a valuation center for subsequent derivations to other resources.So far, these centers have made an average of 295 daily attention for a total of 1.597 regular people to them.

On the other hand, a network of residential resources such as homes, oriented to the realization of socio -labor insertion itineraries in order to stop the deterioration and damage caused to these people to live in the street.These itineraries are personalized and contemplate areas such as personnel, health, relational, housing, training, socio -labor, employment and economic.

In total, 298 places that are currently 100% occupied and distributed throughout Andalusia.Of these, 160 places in 8 day centers with a capacity of 20 people;and 138 places in 23 homes from 6 people capacity.These resources attend people of more than 40 nationalities with an age range that covers from 18 to 85 years.

In these resources, of 474 cases valued since the start -up of the program, 235 have been served from the beginning and 76 have had a complete success with the reintegration of the person in the formal areas of society.

The distribution by provinces has been: 1 day center and 2 homes in Almería, Huelva, Jaén;1 day center and 3 homes in Cádiz, Córdoba and Granada;and 1 day center and 4 homes in the cases of Malaga and Seville.

Homeless care strategy in Andalusia

On February 9, the Governing Council approved the formulation of the homeless care strategy in Andalusia.During the following months, a diagnosis has been developed with the participation of the Working Group on Sinhogarismo of the Social Services Council of Andalusia, of experts and the technical committee of the strategy with the assistance of the Office of Support for Policies EvaluationIAAP public.Its completion is scheduled for the first months of next year.

Among the objectives of the strategy, the prevention of Sinhogarismo is special, for which this extraordinary program executed by EAPN thanks to the help granted by the Ministry of Equality is defining one of its lines of action.

As Rocío Ruiz said, "Public Administrations must seek new ways to stop this problem that cannot be solved exclusively from social services, given the multiple dimensions of the phenomenon: health, employment, housing, security, etc..For this reason, the proposal of the Ministry of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation expresses the opportunity to launch a coordinated strategy with other councils, with other administrations and with the third sector with the objective of agreeing on the necessary actions to achieve preventionAnd the reduction of withouthogarism in Andalusia ".

The objective is the creation of a system of care withouthogarism based on flexible options, adapted to the needs of people and connect them with all ordinary care systems for the guarantee of their rights, especially housing, health and employment.

Some of the data that the starting situation of Sinhogarismo in Andalusia shows the need to face this problem.According to the 2012 homeless people survey, in the community there are 3.009 people in this situation.Of these, 1.771 Only in the eight most populated municipalities in the provinces.On the other hand, 5.4 years would be the average time that people have home and 29.3% of them suffer this situation recurringly.

As for the reasons that push these people to live on the street, in the case of women, the main are family problems or break with the couple (50.7%), followed by economic problems (34,7%) and work (22.7%).Regarding men, the main causes are economic problems (35.2%) and labor (35.1%) and, thirdly, relatives (30.8%).