Paquita Spain, illegitimate daughter of Paco Gento, will claim her inheritance after the death of the Madrid legend

Madrid, Jan 21.(Chance) -

Francisco Gento, Legend of Real Madrid, Honor President of the White Club and the only player to win six Europe.Charismatic and very familiar, the former soccer player was married for more than half a century with the love of his life, Mari Luz, with whom he had two children, Francisco and Julio.

However, the result of an affair with a very popular dancer in the 50s named Francisca Spain, Gento had a daughter named Paquita España - with an undeniable physical resemblance to the White Legend - which, in 2018, broke her silence to claimIn court the paternity of the Cantabrian, something that he denied until the end of his days.

Although Justice proved Paquita in April 2021, recognizing her as daughter of Paco Gento, he appealed the sentence to the Provincial Court, dying a few days before the celebration of the trial.

Far from surrendering, Paquita plans to claim the inheritance that would correspond to him as the daughter of the former socista and this was told by his lawyer, Fernando Osuna.

- Chance.Paco Gento, Real Madrid player, has died.Officially has two children, but also has a daughter, Paquita Spain, judicially recognized as daughter of Paco Gento.

- Fernando Osuna: Yes, Paquita España, Malaga from sixty -year -old is the daughter of Paco Gento.I say daughter because it has been genetically demonstrated that she is a daughter and a judge in Madrid has proved us right and has considered her daughter of the mythical of Real Madrid so famous, Paco Gento.The sentence appealed with very few possibilities because when a genetic evidence of 99.99% few possibilities there is to achieve a victory with an appeal in that sentence.That already definitive appeal ruling is going to leave today, tomorrow or last, that we expected it today, and what we hopeA percentage of Paco Gento regarding his daughter, also because Gento did not go to trial and was required three times for DNA tests and did not appear.The sentence is about to leave and if it does not leave today, it will leave tomorrow or last.

Paquita España, hija ilegítima de Paco Gento, reclamará su herencia tras el fallecimiento de la leyenda madridista

- CH: Let's say that Paco Gento has left this world without recognizing the truth of his daughter.From now on, what is the next step?Apart from the last name, you can claim the inheritance.

- Fernando Osuna: We feel a lot the death of Paco Gento.He is a person we had a lot of appreciation for his human and sports career, and we have felt it a lot, but that does not mean that we are not going to claim.We are going to defend Paquita's rights and in a way the hereditary process is accelerated.Already deceased and once it is recognized that as I say it is a matter of a few days that the sentence comes out because they met to deliberate more than a month ago, when this period usually lasts days, and we will try to reach an agreement on the hereditary cast.If there is no agreement, we will file a lawsuit to claim the party that corresponds to Paquita Spain as daughter of Paco Gento.

- CH: What do you think will be the family's position?Will it be favorable or will they continue with the line they have taken so far?

- Fernando Osuna: So far there has been no agreement on this hereditary issue.I don't know if there will be any change.We have it clear and in Spanish law the children are entitled at least to the legitimate shared with others and Paquita will defend their rights.I hope you don't have to go to the judicial, but if there is no other way out because a lawsuit will have to be submitted to claim the inheritance.

- CH: And you can also claim the last name, right?

- Fernando Osuna: Yes, in affiliation when the sentence is definitive the son who is judicially recognized as such as he has the right to use his father's surnames evidently.

- CH: How is Paquita?Have you talked to her?I imagine how sad despite everything.

- Fernando Osuna: He is his father and anyone well born because he has a regret for the death of a loved one like his father.He is affected by the death of his father and also has on the other hand the uneasiness itself, one's own sensitivity to what are judgments a person who has never had a link with the judicial world, but who has now resorted to claim his daughter rights andHis inheritance is now immersed in this world of justice.

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