Why is a person unfaithful? The real reason why Mauro Icardi cheated on Wanda Nara

Of the two, the footballer is the one who was married at the time of the meeting with China Suárez and there are psychological reasons that led him to cheat on his wife.

Los Andes Newsroom Tuesday, November 30, 2021

There are many theories about why Mauro Icardi cheated on Wanda Nara with China Suárez . The truth is that there are some reasons that lead one to be unfaithful , and it does not necessarily have to do with a lack of love for the other person.

China Suárez broke the silence and spoke of the scandal with Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi: "It is the price of freedom"

The scandal of the year was carried out by Wanda and Mauro with China, as the third in discord , and even the marriage was about to divorce , but they were able to bet on love and family again.

China Suárez was already separated from Benjamín Vicuña when he started flirting and finalized the meeting with Icardi. That is why she appealed to talk about "freedom" something that she saw from her point of view was true because she had no commitment.

But Mauro Icardi was fine with the businesswoman, and it was he who was unfaithful to his wife and put their marriage on the line .

Why Mauro Icardi was unfaithful to Wanda Nara

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about infidelity is that something went wrong in the couple or boredom, lack of sex is blamed and getting out of the routine is used as an excuse.

However, he does not have to do with the other person (the deceived one) but with whom he is unfaithful. The one who cheats can continue to love his partner (feeling) and feel attraction to another (emotion).

According to psychotherapist Esther Perel in her book State of Affairs, cheating is not done for (or for) sex, but because of the feeling of loss of identity .

“Sometimes when we look for another person's gaze, we are not turning away from our partner, but from the person we have become. More than another lover, what we seek is another version of ourselves , ”she explained.

On his birthday, Benjamín Vicuña reflected on his present without China Suárez: "I am a new man"

This leads them to choose lovers they would not want as a partner: “ Some are attracted by the memory of the person they once were . There are others whose dreams lead them to the lost opportunity, the love they let go, the person they could have been (...)”.

“Adventures offer us a glimpse of those other lives, of the unknown that we carry within. Adultery is the revenge of discarded possibilities .”

Psychologist Sonali Gupta follows the same line: “In my experience, with both men and women, I have heard them describe the reasons that led them to have an affair: 'I have discovered a part of myself that I thought I had lost '.

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