Reasons why penile size is reduced

The concept of penis length is associated with virility or masculinity.Many times we have heard that "size matters", but is it true?What is certain is that age, obesity and other diseases can lead to a loss of penis length or a perception of that reduction.However, depending on the origin of that reduction there are treatments to improve size.

Age and penis shrink

Aging brings with it "a loss of elasticity of penis skin, which can produce a retraction of the penis," explains François Peinado Ibarra, head of the Urology Service of the Ruber Juan Bravo hospital complex, from Madrid.But, in addition, as a result of age, fat deposits accumulate in the arteries, which reduces blood flow to the member.This causes the cavernous penis tissue to weaken and since its blood vessels are those that produce erections, this is associated with smaller or less firm erections.

Obesity and 'burial' of the penis

The impact of weight gain, especially when it comes to the abdominal circumference and the pubis area, “it gives the impression that the penis becomes smaller,” explains Verónica Blasco, of the Amaltea Institute of Sexology.This is not exactly like that, he adds hairsty.The reason why it seems smaller is because the penis is adhered to the abdominal wall and, when the abdomen grows, pulls the penis into ”.

In the case of these men, in addition to sending them to the nutrition service to initiate a weight loss treatment, one of the problems that arise is that “intrapubic fat is very difficult to lose.It is not the same as the fat that is in the abdomen above the navel.Although they lose much they will not be able to lose that fat or that adipose package in the pubis area, ”explains Peinado.

Razones por las que el tamaño del pene se reduce

In those cases, it is tried to eliminate that fat in the operating room to externalize the penis."We can even make a section of the suspensory ligament with what we managed to extract or get out more penis".

To alleviate this problem, different techniques can be used that will help improve the loss of penis length, not increasing it but taking it out to the outside.For this, three procedures can be applied:

Prostate cancer

In men who have been operated on a radical prostatectomy after prostate cancer some investigations indicate that a retraction of penis size can occur."In these patients if there are no erections, a penis prosthesis can be placed and in the same surgical process section the suspensory ligament to win a little member," says Peinado.

Peyronie disease

Peyronie's disease, although quite unknown, is a disorder for which a plaque - scar -peak - is formed in the penis.When this plate is enlarged, strong pain, erectile dysfunction, and hinders sexual intercourse.But, in addition, it can cause a reduction in the length and circumference of the penis.In this disorder, according to comb, it is considered to enhance the treatment if that curve is painful or prevents sexual relations.The surgery will be aimed at eliminating the scar tissue that causes shrinking, flexion or pain.

Usual penile size

According to the head of the Urology Service of the Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital Complex, in Madrid, on average men have an average sagging penis size around 9 to 9.5 centimeters and from 13 to 13.5 centimeters in erection.However, there is a certain tendency to desire a larger size believing that this will allow perfection and better satisfy the sex.

This is a subject that worries men, that when they come to consultation “they are carried out a global evaluation of the genital situation of man and depending on that situation we propose all possible options.It would only be strict indication: operating a micropene, these are small penises, below 7.5 centimeters in sagging and that cause important complexes, ”adds hairstyle.

Length or thickness?

Hairstyle is of the opinion that more than the length at the time of sexual satisfaction, the thickness matters more, since in the case of heterosexual couples a large penis can be a problem when introducing it into the vagina.

Blasco estimates that for women the size is not usually very important, except for exceptions, of course.“With the erotic model that we have of peneto-vagina-penetration, all responsibility falls to the erection of the penis.To be superman I have to have a penis in conditions and a good erection.What happens to this?The vagina does not really have nerve endings, these are mostly located in the vulva and the clitoris.If we do not leave that erotic model, we lose all the way, the whole route and the whole body ”to have a pleasant sexual relationship.

And this concept of length associated with virility, supported by a cultural construct, also drinks pornography with its distortions and exaggerations."Many young people do not receive other types of sexual education beyond the stimuli they see in pornography, which is still the science fiction of reality," adds Blasco.This coincides hairstyle, for whom “it is a very important issue and we should educate and form more.Many times young people or patients believe in myths that are false ”.

Blasco remembers that pornography is also normalizing certain behaviors that until recent.