Seville's new mayor accused of "leaving functions" by the hostel in Hytasa Kome, 100% natural food for your pet

First hurdle for the new mayor of Seville. Andaluces Levanos, the coalition formed by Más País Andalucía, Andalucía por Sí and Iniciativa del Pueblo Andaluz, accused yesterday the newly appointed first Sevillano edil, the socialist Antonio Muñoz, of starting his mandate under the "abandonment of functions" with regard to the installation of the projected Centre of High tolerance (CAT), for people in a situation of social exclusion and homeless, in the Hytasa Polígono, whose construction has been renounced by the promoter of the work after the avalanche of protests by neighbors and merchants in the area as they are treated

"it has been preferred to yield to the pressure of the extreme right rather than to draw up a new specification so that the contracting company does not justify its withdrawal from the project in the supposed administrative gaps of the current one," said the training in a press release yesterday. In fact, the coalition reminds the first Edil Sevillano and his government team that "if, finally, the company responsible for carrying out the centre-the UTE Aossa Global S.A.-Doc 2001 S.L.-decides to terminate the agreement, the latter, in addition, to compensate the City Council, would not be able to bid in any other public administration."

In addition, the alliance's links in Seville maintain that Muñoz 's announcement "cannot be interpreted in any way other than as a cession, almost cession, to Vox's brutal campaign and Sevillana's ultra-right against that installation, who, using the discourse of fear, as always, have managed to generate uncertainty in order to destroy the principle of solidarity in an opportunistic, irresponsible and electionalist way."

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Andaluces Levanos also points out that "the extreme right, in addition to appealing to fear with its manifold classist discourse, has used the argument of the tender specifications to oppose the installation of the hostel, despite the fact that the Hytasa Polygon is the most central, social, cultural and integrated of all the polygons of the city".

At this point, the coalition understands that the mayor and the City Council's legal services "have doubts" as to whether this technical question about location in a polygon would be echoed in the judiciary, "but the solution cannot be the resignation, but the drafting of a new tender that is clearer on the issue of location in Hytasa". Finally, he believes that if the Hispanic Consistory does not produce a new document in order to "protect the center and de-congested the center of the Macarena", in addition to "silencing the intolerant voices who believe that in Seville not everyone has a place, he will confirm that he has become the new accomplice and servant of the extreme right".

The resignation of the promoter of the work from the construction of this new centre for homeless people called to de-congested that of the Macarena was made public at the end of the week. The main obstacle to building it in this area, a place chosen by the company itself, is that the contract documents did not allow it to be located in an industrial zone and had generated protests from neighbors, merchants and businessmen in the area for this reason. This is why the company is looking with the City Council for an administrative way to formalize the reverse of the contract.

In any case, the officially called High tolerance Centre (CAT) for the socially excluded and homeless does not seek to replace the Macarena hostel, but to offer new equipment to accommodate the homeless. The city needs this kind of center and somewhere in the capital it will have to be built. The new mayor Antonio Muñoz recalled this week.