Will someone defend Catalina when her "boss" tells him that he does not want a person with functional diversity in his store?

In Spain, when a person with functional diversity accesses a job, there are those who judge it because they are not capable or do not want to see the potential they can have.In addition to suffering labor discrimination, they also have to endure situations of bullying and harassment throughout their lives.

Catalina knows this situation first hand.She was a premature girl who was born with only six months, which caused her cerebral palsy.

With only eight years I already suffered bullying at school, a stage that marked her for life, as she recognizes: "I will not say that I had a good time, because of course not".In addition, this young woman has constantly fight against prejudices.

“Parents, teachers and people in general should educate in normal.Today I continue to find parents on the street that, when the child turns, they tell him not to look.That seems to me that you don't have to do it, that you have to explain the child why I am here.If you do not explain it, you are creating the prejudice ".

However, Catalina acknowledges that it is who is thanks to all the blows that life has given."If I had not lived all the stages that I have lived in life, I would not be me".

¿Defenderá alguien a Catalina cuando su “jefe” le diga que no quiere a una persona con diversidad funcional en su tienda?

"I do not put limitations to myself, I have studied a career, my parents have always motivated me, I have lived alone, I have traveled ... Spanish society should change many things so that it would not put limitations, since I do not put them on.".

Today, Catalina is an autonomous and independent woman.In fact, it is the Spanish surfing runner.

“There is a video in which I get bike with back, then without back and standing and then sitting.All that process that can be seen in a 58 -second video, it cost me a year ”.

Catalina will do in the wonderful people of an actress for a day and, thanks to our hidden cameras, we will check if there are wonderful people who defend it in a situation of injustice.

Both the script and the situation that is recreated in the hidden chamber have the endorsement of the Association for the Inclusion of Youth with Functional Diversity (APAIPA).

Will anyone put on the side of Catalina when your "boss" tells you that you do not love a person with functional diversity as a salesman from her sports store?

Catalina kindly serves the stores of the store, but everything changes when the person in charge (also an actor) arrives and the young woman presents: the boss does not give credit to a person in a wheelchair can be in a sports store.

"Aquí no puedes trabajar. Esto es una tienda normal"

One of the clients of the store has not been able to endure the comments of the person in charge of Catalina and tells him "Can you not work for the public just being in a wheelchair?".To which he added "she is a person like you, that I and all".

And she is not the only indignant with the treatment of our "actress".Other clients repeat on numerous occasions that he needs "more education".

We repeat the hidden camera and then Juan Miguel appeared on the scene, a Fuenlabrada hairdresser who could not shut up at the injustice he was witnessing."You're missing respect...".In fact, he is one of the anonymous people who have received the "wonderful" prize.

"Si tú haces surf yo hago ballet clásico"