The pet technology market will reach 17 million euros globally in 2027

The technological sector has seen in petty animals an important market niche and in recent years it has developed a high number of devices and applications for them.This is stated by Telefónica by advancing that, for example, thanks to Meowtalk, an application that functions as a maullid translator, we will know what our plea means to us so we can give a right answer to your needs.

Created by Javier Sánchez, an ex-engineer of Amazon who worked on the development of the Alexa digital assistant, the operation is very simple: the app is downloaded, the cat's meullide is recorded, the software compares it with a wide database and throwA translation, among nine possible intentions and meanings.The more the application is used, the more accurate it will become, since when recording and labeling the sounds, the automatic learning software and artificial intelligence (AI) will better understand the meow of each cat.

But this tool, which a few years ago could seem science fiction, is just the beginning.The objective is to create a “wearable pet” (technology that is carried as a garment or complement) in the form of an intelligent necklace that translates the cattle of cats instantaneously and that a human voice speaks through it through it.

The market

Telefónica points out that, according to calculations from the National Association of Food Manufacturers for Company, in Spain there are more than 28 million pets, the most present fish and birds being the most present in houses, followed by dogs and cats.

In Madrid alone, 50% of families have a pet and there are more dogs than 0-4-year-old children.In addition, companion animals have more prominence and people are more aware and involved in giving them the best possible quality of life, it costs what it costs.

The market de la tecnología para mascotas alcanzará los 17 millones de euros a nivel global en 2027

These issues make the pet sector an attractive market niche for many entrepreneurs and companies in the technological sector that propose innovative initiatives related to the care and well -being of animals, their health, their food, their emotional and physical well -being, the game, the game And a long etcetera.

This is known as Pet Tech or pet technology, a segment in which a large number of solutions related to the care and well -being of animals, their health, their food, their emotional and physical well -being, the game and theOther aspects.

The microchip

In the 90s the microchips began to be used in the back of dogs and cats to identify them.They are usually formed by a biocompatible glass capsule the size of a rice grain and, inside, is the device.

In the market there are also intelligent identifying plates with QR codes, such as those of the Spanish Startup Dinbeat.If the pet is lost, anyone with a mobile can scan the QR of its plate, see the profile and contact the owner safely.

But in front of that “passive” technology, currently more complex tools and gadgets pass and with countless applications, some as complex as understanding the cat or approaching the feelings and emotions of a dog.

Telefónica refers to the work of the South Korean startup Petpuls, architect of an artificial intelligence collar capable of identifying the mood of a dog.With the analysis of more than 10.000 samples of barking 50 races of dogs, technology identifies whether the animal is anxious, depressed, among other states, and has a possibility of 90% recognition.

The Pet Tech

Many of the Pet Tech innovations intend to improve animal welfare.For example, Dinbeatuno is a wearable device for veterinary use that monitors the health of pets in real time.

It is "multiparametric harness" also designed by Dinbeat has sensors that send the information to the cloud.When used in unredemed animals (hospitalized or at home) it gives the patient's veterinarian in real time (heart and respiratory rate, temperature, etc..), which allows reacting on time in emergency.

In the case of Nutrition, also Spanish stamp, Telefónica refers to Kibus, the first kitchen robot that allows you to prepare healthy and hot food for pets.It is an appliance designed to be on the floor and very easy to use.

Another device, Pettrax, is a food dispenser that notifies the mobile every time the animal eats (similar even take photos that send to the mobile, if the owner wants).It provides the duration of the intake and the number of calories consumed through the weight, also with incorporated sensors.

Alvinoo, says Telefónica who is an intelligent source of water oriented to cats and dogs.The machine keeps the liquid at a constant temperature and can be defined by the user, causes the water to be moving, brings technology for antibiosis, among other features.

And in the field of recreation, the New York Startup Playdate has designed the ketchup on that it has a video camera incorporated so that dog and owner can interact even if they are kilometers away.The owner can control the ball from anywhere using the mobile application while the interior camera transmits live HD video.

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